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Fleece cold protection

Buy Fleece cold protection: Protect your plants and crops from frost with this strong lightweight fleece.

Giant easy fleece tunnel

Buy Giant easy fleece tunnel: Our large fleece tunnels protect against frost, harsh weather and pests

Winter fleece plant covers

Buy Winter fleece plant covers: High performance plant protection jackets.

Navy clog with black fleece

Buy Navy clog with black fleece: Practical and warm!

Fleece cold protection

Buy Fleece cold protection:

Tweedmill leisure rug

£49.99 £39.99
20% off selected
Buy Tweedmill leisure rug: Beautiful pure wool rug with fleece lining

Tunnel hoops

Buy Tunnel hoops: Great for the allotment and vegetable garden

Frame for wooden raised bed

Buy Frame for wooden raised bed: Perfect for runner beans and tomatoes but equally suited to other vegetables.

Bamboo cloche

Buy Bamboo cloche: Protect your seedlings and plants from birds and rabbits

RHS gold leaf dry touch gloves

Buy RHS gold leaf dry touch gloves: Endorsed by the RHS - Perfect for all gardening tasks!

rocket - cultivated

£2.35 £2.12
10% off selected seeds
Buy rocket - cultivated: Easy to grow. Milder and meatier flavour than wild rocket.

rocket - wild

£2.35 £2.12
10% off selected seeds
Buy rocket - wild: Garden quality wild rocket. Stronger flavour than the cultivated variety.

Muck boot arctic sport II

£99.00 £79.20
20% off selected
Buy Muck boot arctic sport II: Ultimate warmth and comfort in a lightweight boot

Geranium maderense

£9.99 £7.99
Buy Geranium maderense : Impressive specimen for a large container.

kale 'Nero di Toscana'

£1.49 £1.19
20% off selected seeds
Buy kale 'Nero di Toscana': Handsome, architectural and edible

brussels sprout 'Evesham Special'

£0.99 £0.79
20% off selected seeds
Buy brussels sprout 'Evesham Special': Fat, firm and delicious sprouts

cabbage 'Durham'

£1.49 £1.19
Buy cabbage 'Durham': A classic spring cabbage

carrot 'Early Nantes'

£1.29 £1.03
20% off selected seeds
Buy carrot 'Early Nantes': Most popular for early sowing

carrot 'Paris Market Baron'

£1.99 £1.29
Buy carrot 'Paris Market Baron': A classic round-rooted carrot

carrot 'Autumn King'

£1.29 £1.03
20% off selected seeds
Buy carrot 'Autumn King': Long, tapering and sturdy carrots