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potato 'Maris Peer'
potato 'Maris Peer'
potato 'Maris Peer'
potato 'Maris Peer'

potato 'Maris Peer'

seed potato for summer planting - Scottish basic seed potato

Smaller than average potatoes with a subtle flavour, are ideal for boiling, steaming or roasting whole. They have a light...

5 × seed potatoes | summer planting
available to order from mid summer
2kg bag | seed potatoes
available to order from winter
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Bulbs (only) £4.99

Buying vegetable plants

If you just want to grow a few vegetables or have suffered losses with early sowings, buying plants is a great way to play catch-up. Buying plants also allows you to grow vegetables if you do not have the facilities to raise them from seed yourself or whe

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