Sweetly fragrant wallflower collection

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Buy Sweetly fragrant wallflower collection wallflower - Sugar rush:

Receive 5 x Erysimum ( wallflower ) Sugar Rush Red , 5 x Erysimum ( wallflower ) Sugar Rush Primrose , and 5 x Erysimum ( wallflower ) Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour that's 15 large plugs for £22.99, or buy 2 collections for £45.98 and get another free - that's 45 plugs for only £45.98.

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: moderately fertile, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil
  • Flowering period: autumn to spring
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Supplied as large plugs
    Each collection comprises of:

    5 x Erysimum ( wallflower ) Sugar Rush Red
    Upright clusters of warm red flowers add body and oomph to the planting scheme, while their delicious scent will fill the surrounding air. Tough and easy to grow, these F1 hybrids will often flower over several months, so can put on a prolonged (and colourful) display.

    5 x Erysimum ( wallflower ) Sugar Rush Primrose
    These scented flowers will often continue to bloom all through the winter. F1 plants, they are very tough and easy to grow and will provide a long-lasting colourful display. Try mixing them with blue or purple shades for contrast, or team them with orange and red for a fiery display.

    5 x Erysimum ( wallflower ) Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour
    Emerging with an apricot/burgundy flush, the spicily scented flowers turn lilac/purple as they mature. Often flowering throughout winter and into spring, these FI hybrids put on a great display over a long period. They're also very tough and easy to grow.

  • Garden care: Regular dead-heading will help prolong the display, and provide overnight cloche protection where frosts are very severe or prolonged.

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