Erysimum 'Bowles's Mauve'

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Buy Erysimum 'Bowles's Mauve' wallflower: Stunning mauve flowers

This perennial is semi-evergreen so it can lose some of its leaves in winter. In colder regions or more exposed gardens, it may lose them all, but then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: poor to moderately-fertile, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil
  • Rate of growth: average to fast-growing
  • Flowering period: February to July
  • Hardiness: borderline hardy (may need winter protection)

    This long-flowering, bushy, vigorous wallflower produces long spires of deep mauve flowers from late winter to summer (and usually into autumn), above narrow, grey-green leaves. It is a short-lived plant, but it makes a vivid display for many months in a sunny border. Try it as part of a colour-themed scheme, or contrast it with vivid yellows. It also looks good in a rock garden or raised bed.

  • Garden care: Requires little attention. Provide cloche protection where frosts are very severe or prolonged.

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Notes on Erysimum 'Bowles's Mauve'

"This sun-loving trouper deserves a long service medal - the mauve flower spikes comes out with the tulips (or earlier) and are still going strong in September"

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Fantastic Plant


Bowles Mauve is a fantastic addition to any garden with sunshine. It'll grow in the ground or in a pot and I've had it flowering for 10 months! The downside is they are short-lived perennial so only live for a few years then suddenly die!




Have bought many of these plants over the years


Good in a dry area. Looks good with tulips in colour combinations. Long flowering but needs dead heading to encourage new growth. After a year of two gets very woody and needs replacing.




Wonderful Plant


This plant is very hardy, grows well and needs very little attention apart from a good prune in spring. It is a magnet for bees, and has helped me save two queen bumblebees last year, when they didn't take sugar solution.

Dulwich digger



I would buy this product again


These are thriving well in their allotted positions and bees love them.


West Sussex


A Great Plant


This is a marvellous plant. Very hardy, flowers all year, needs very little care, looks good and thrives in my town garden






Reliable and very long-flowering perennial. Grows quickly into a shrubby plant, but bottom of stems can get a bit bare of leaves after a time. Easy to care for and remains mostly evergreen in my garden. Has proven to be hardy. I personally consider the flowers to be more pink than 'mauve'.




Bought for a seaside garden


Although healthy and initially flowered well subsequent flowering has not been very prolific, despite dead heading. Perhaps the heat and drought haven't helped!




Almost flowered all year !


Great evergreen plant which has kept flowering almost all year. A must have plant,

Stevie D

Dover, Kent


Excellent Plants


I bought these to fill along the front of my house, they were lovely and healthy when they arrived and grew to fill the space very quickly, they flowered almost all year round!






Looks lovely in a planter with dark tulips


East Lothian



4.7 25


Is it fine to plant this now or best in the autumn?


Hello, I would get this in the ground as soon as possible so you can enjoy its incredibly long flowering season.


I bought three Bowles Mauve last summer and they never stopped flowering! They have flowered throughout the winter and are still in flower now it's April. However, they are now getting woody and leggy (although still flowering) and looking a bit untidy. Should I have pruned them at some point? If so, is it too late now?


Hello, These are incredibly long-flowering, however this tends to mean that they are reasonably short-lived. Therefore I tend to replace mine after they have become woody every couple of years. If you do want to prolong their life as long as possible, you can cut back the flowered stems to a new side shoot in mid- to late summer (if you can bear to cut the flowers off!).


Hello,will this lovely plant be ok in a tub filled with compost? Many thanks.

Flower crazy.

Hello there Yes this long flowering wallflower will grow well in a pot. Hope this helps

My lovely Bowles Mauve has flowered continuously from the moment it arrived in the early spring until now - I am deadheading of course, but even so, it's remarkable. Talk about value for money! My question is: I understand this is a biennial, so how can I tell if it's in its first or second year? If it's the second, at what point should I dig it up to replace?


Hello there They are great plants but they can last longer than 2 years. I can't say how old the plants you received were as we would have had various batches. Really it is when the plants start to get woody, then that is when I would replace them. Hope this helps

I have one in a pot and it appears to be dying. I was told it could be due to all the rain, but I'm wondering if I should be feeding it ericaceous food and not general plant food?


Hello there Erysimum generally flower for a quite a long period of time as long as they have the right conditions. These plants like a neutral to alkaline soil, so it won't like an ericaceous feed, but you could give it a feed of Miracle-Gro, or a high potash feed like Tomorite. Hope this helps.

Hi, I have Erysimum 'Bowles's Mauve' in my garden and am wondering if it is O.K. to trim it and would this be a good time to do so.


Hello there I wouldn't trim it now. If needed you can lightly trim them after flowering to stop them getting leggy. Hope this helps.

Hi, When is the best time to plant this? I was thinking of doing it in the next few weeks if it's the right time. Thanks Nicola


Hello there As a general rule plants that are grown in containers can be planted at any time of year as long as the soil isn't frozen solid. The best times are in the autumn when the soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth but the plant isn't in active growth, so Erysimum is fine to plant now or in the spring. One note of caution, this plant is classed as borderline hardy, so may need winter protection. Hope this helps

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