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It’s usually a lot more rewarding and a lot less expensive to grow vegetable plants and flowers from seed. It’s also a fun way to get children interested in gardening.

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Anchusa azurea 'Dropmore'

Buy Anchusa azurea 'Dropmore': Vibrant blue, edible flowers

Linaria purpurea 'Canon Went'

Buy Linaria purpurea 'Canon Went': Great for adding vertical interest in the border

sweet cicely

Buy sweet cicely: Handsome leaves taste of aniseed

Oenothera biennis

Buy Oenothera biennis : Ephemeral, yellow flowers at dusk and heady fragrance

Agrostemma githago

Buy Agrostemma githago : A rare magenta flower

Papaver rhoeas

Buy Papaver rhoeas : Brilliant red flowers. Ideal for a meadow

Filipendula ulmaria

Buy Filipendula ulmaria : A popular coloniser of streams, pond edges and wet meadows.

Centaurea cyanus

Buy Centaurea cyanus : A vivid blue annual for a meadow

Knautia arvensis

Buy Knautia arvensis : A great nectar source for butterflies

Leucanthemum vulgare

Buy Leucanthemum vulgare : Perfect for a sunny wildflower meadow

Glebionis segetum

Buy Glebionis segetum : Bright yellow, daisy-like blooms

Silene dioica

Buy Silene dioica : An attractive wildflower, found around woodland edges and in hedgerow.

Dipsacus fullonum

Buy Dipsacus fullonum : Often grown by gardeners to attract Goldfinches

Poppy field collection of annuals

Buy Poppy field collection of annuals: Butterflies will fill your garden - Simply a wildlife delight

Butterfly seed collection

Buy Butterfly seed collection: Summer-flowering wildflowers

Summer glory collection

Buy Summer glory collection: Create an explosion of colour and life in your garden.

Cottage garden collection

Buy Cottage garden collection: Create your own cottage garden

Cornfield seed collection

Buy Cornfield seed collection: A collection of native wildflowers

chamomile - roman

Buy chamomile - roman: A creeping, scented carpet

Eschscholzia californica 'Mission Bells'

Buy Eschscholzia californica 'Mission Bells': Perfect for novice gardeners