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Acanthus mollis

Buy Acanthus mollis : Spectacular architectural plant with stunning flowers

Acer griseum

Buy Acer griseum : Beautiful bark and spectacular autumn colour

Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium'

Buy Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium': Can be trained as a shrub or tree

Achillea 'Moonshine'

Buy Achillea 'Moonshine': Lovely, large sulphur-yellow flowers

Achillea ptarmica (The Pearl Group) 'The Pearl' (clonal)

Buy Achillea ptarmica (The Pearl Group) 'The Pearl' (clonal): Masses of snow-white, button flowers

Agapanthus africanus

Buy Agapanthus africanus : Wonderful globes of blue flowers from midsummer

Agapanthus 'Headbourne hybrids'

Buy Agapanthus 'Headbourne hybrids': Showy globes of blue flowers

Aucuba japonica 'Rozannie'

£14.99 £11.99
20% off evergreens
Buy Aucuba japonica 'Rozannie': Perfect for a small, shady spot

Camellia japonica 'Adolphe Audusson'

Buy Camellia japonica 'Adolphe Audusson': A reliable, red camellia

Camellia japonica 'Lady Vansittart'

Buy Camellia japonica 'Lady Vansittart': Has a unusual flower colour

Camellia japonica 'Nobilissima'

Buy Camellia japonica 'Nobilissima': Early flowering, with white blooms

Camellia × williamsii 'Anticipation'

Buy Camellia × williamsii 'Anticipation': Crimson, peony-like flowers in early spring

Camellia × williamsii 'Donation'

Buy Camellia × williamsii 'Donation': Exceptionally long-flowering

Cordyline australis

Buy Cordyline australis : Architectural tree with white flowers

Cornus alba 'Elegantissima'

Buy Cornus alba 'Elegantissima': Vivid red stems in winter

Cornus alba 'Sibirica'

Buy Cornus alba 'Sibirica': Bright coral-red stems in winter

Cornus controversa 'Variegata'

Buy Cornus controversa 'Variegata': Tree with a distinctive, tiered habit

Cornus florida f. rubra

Buy Cornus florida f. rubra: Bright autumnal colour

Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'

Buy Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire': Flame-coloured winter stems

Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea'

Buy Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea': Stunning yellow winter stems