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Tulip Bulbs

Tulip bulbs are one of the best-loved groups of spring-flowering bulbs. Their vast array of colours, shapes and sizes means you can find the perfect tulip for every space. We particularly love them to create beautiful displays in gardens or pots. Furthermore, their flowers are long-lasting when cut for a vase, often lasting for a week or more.

Our top tulips for 2024

At Crocus, we carefully selected the best tulip bulbs for sale in 2024 to make your garden look amazing. This year, we expect our most popular bulbs to sell out quickly, so grab your favourites before they disappear.

Our top tulip for 2024 is the La Belle Epoque tulip. It's unique colouring of apricot and pink blends perfectly with deeper pinks and black tulips. It's a peony - flowered tulip with huge double petals that fade to a soft peach. Next is the tulip Ballerina. This lily - flowered tulip bulb comes in a tangerine orange with pointed petals.What makes it special is the scent on a warm spring day that will fill your garden. It looks stunning paired with similar tones or contrasting with pastel blues. Tulip 'Spring Green' is another show - stopper this year. It has slightly feathered petals in soft white and a green central band. This makes it perfect in a border or paired with silver - foliaged plants, where it can stand out.

Finally, we have the ultimate black tulip. The Queen of Night tulip bulb is the best - loved dark tulip. Flowering on straight stems in May, they work perfectly with a 'bruised' colour palette highlighting their splendour. When choosing tulips, also look out for the AGM award from the RHS. They have tried, tested, and awarded this prestigious accolade to the best tulips. You'll see the icon on our AGM tulip pages.

Tulipa Pinocchio

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Tulipa 'Pinocchio'

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Tulip advice

When to plant tulips

  • The key to getting the best tulips is to ensure you plant them at the right time. Plant your tulips from November to December or 6-8 weeks before the first frost. Planting them then gives the roots a chance to establish before winter.

    However, it depends on the weather. If it's looking like we're having a warm winter, hold off for a little longer. If you plant them too early, you might get tulip fire, which can affect the growth.Temperatures usually drop by the end of October, so it's worth waiting. You can even plant them until Christmas without the risk of them not flowering.

    Read our full guide on when to plant tulips

Unusual tulip varieties

  • We have a beautiful range of unusual tulips if you want something unique. Starting with Tulip 'Peppermintstick', a small compact tulip variety perfect for naturalising. The red buds open to white star-shaped flowers with lavender centres when they open. When in full bloom, they look like glowing stars. If you love parrot tulips, Green Wave is a must-have. Large ruffled petals unfurl into crown-like flowers in fresh pink with green veining.

    Ice cream tulips are a newer cultivar that flowers later in the year and is longer lasting than other varieties. Pink and green buds open into double white heads that resemble ice cream. It welcomes you into the summer. Tulip 'Golden Artist' comes in beautiful shades trending this year. With peach apricot petals brushed with green, they are stunning. Furthermore, they bloom at the end of April, making a perfect filler between spring and summer.

Our top tulip combinations

  • A fast and simple way to make beautiful displays in the spring garden is by using our pre-designed bulb collections. They come in a vast array of mouthwatering colour combinations. They'll create wonderful displays using only the biggest and best quality bulbs. Whether filling borders and pots or peppering the lawn with a carpet of colour. Here are some of our favourite combinations.

    Firstly, our Brown sugar tulip collection combines La Belle Epoque, Salmon Van Eijk and Request. The soft tones of apricot, pastel pink and burnt orange make a beautiful combination. The tulip's various shapes and textures complement each other, creating a beautiful sight that will make you swoon. If you like pink tulips, our Pink chic tulip collection is great for filling your pots and borders with rosy pinks. It combines Tulip 'Sanne', a pink and cream tulip, with Tulip 'Pink Star', a double tulip with pink and apricot colours. The final tulip is Tulip 'Virichic', a gorgeous rose pink striped with vibrant green, adding freshness to the collection.

    Finally, for a classic white collection, try our Ivory tulip combination. It pairs Tulip 'Honeymoon', a gorgeous fringed pure white tulip, with Tulip 'White Dream', with its pure white bowl-shaped flowers. The simplicity of this combination will fit with any pot or garden scheme for a touch of elegance.

Early flowering tulip bulbs

  • If you love tulips but wish they would show up before May, a few varieties will flower earlier. All our early single tulips and double tulips will flower in the first half of April. Try 'Apricot Beauty' or 'White Prince' for an early single-flowering tulip.

    If you love early double tulips, Tulip 'Peach Blossom' and 'Margarita' are show-stopping pinks arriving in April. Margarita has dark pink ruffles with sweet perfume. Peach Blossom tulips have rose-coloured petals that open fully and stand up well to wind and rain.

    Add a long-lasting triumph tulip to your display which will flower from mid-April. These tulips have thick petals that can withstand different weather conditions. They are important for filling gaps in any combination due to their shorter height.

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