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Pleione formosana

£4.99 £1.50
A pink-flowered 'hardy' orchid

Ranunculus 'Purple Heart'

Glorious flowers for borders and bouquets

Ornithogalum thyrsoides

£3.99 £1.20
A beautiful cut-flower for the house

Zantedeschia aethiopica

£4.99 £1.50
An imposing plant for moist soil

Dahlia 'Arabian Night'

Sumptuous, wine-red flowers

Begonia 'Champagne'

Many months of luscious flowers

Begonia 'Mother's Day'

A new form with scented blooms

Gladiolus 'Nymph'

Produces a billowing effect in the border

Gladiolus 'The Bride'

Upright sprays of pure white flowers

Begonia × intermedia 'Bertinii'

Perfect for baskets and windowboxes

Ismene × deflexa

£4.99 £1.50
Exotic-looking blooms in spring and early summer

Begonia 'Pink Flamingo'

Scented pink summer blooms

Begonia 'Red Glory'

This trailing begonia has scented flowers

Zantedeschia 'Odessa' (PBR)

£6.99 £2.10
Impressive flowers for the border or vase

Begonia (Pendula Group) 'Pink Giant'

Choose me for colour in a shady spot

Begonia (Pendula Group) 'Red Giant'

Puts on a prize-winning display

Begonia 'Blushing Star'

Perfect in pots

Begonia 'Blazing Star'

Sizzling in hot-themed borders

Begonia 'Vibrant Star'

Eye-catching seasonal colour

Begonia 'Sunset Yellow Champagne'

A yellow flowering form of the ever popular 'Champagne'