Fritillaria meleagris var. unicolor subvar. alba

white-flowered snake's head fritillary bulbs

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Buy Fritillaria meleagris var. unicolor subvar. alba white-flowered snake's head fritillary bulbs: A pure white form for a moist meadow

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture-retentive soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: April to May
  • Hardiness: fully hardy
  • Bulb size: 5/-

    Pretty, pendent, white bells on slender stems emerge in April and May. These delightful wildflowers were once widespread throughout the UK, and are perfect for naturalising in a moist woodland edge or wildflower garden. It's essential to select a site where the soil remains moist in spring.

  • Garden care: Try to plant the bulbs as early as possible so the roots have a chance to grow before the worst of the winter weather. Plant them (ideally on their sides) in random drifts 10cm deep and 5cm apart and keep them well watered in spring - then drier in summer.

  • CAUTION do not eat ornamental bulbs

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Eventual height and spread

Notes on Fritillaria meleagris var. unicolor subvar. alba

"This milk-white lantern, chequered in spring-green, is a surprisingly robust grower. Spangle it through sombre-purple snake's heads to add diamond sparkle among the uncut rubies."

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better together


I spread them out around the garden thinking I'd get clumps of them however they sprout a few very slender grass-like leaves and a single flower. They just look a bit silly dotted around like that. Next year I'll plant them all together because they are really nice when they flower

Novice bulber





Have yet to see one of these bulbs come up




Good service


The bulbs arrived as ordered but we were disappointed how poor they looked. However they are planted and have emerged so we shall see...





3.3 3


Can I grow Fritillaries in my damp lawn? I have a part of the lawn which is always moist. It gets lots of sun, so could I grow Fritillaries there?

Mrs. J. Rymer-Jones

There are a couple of Fritillaria species which will grow in a damp meadow. The best include F. affinis. F. mealeagris F. camschatcensis and F.raddeana.


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