Ranunculus 'Paeony mixed'

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available to order from autumn
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Buy Ranunculus 'Paeony mixed' ranunculus bulbs: A cheerful and colourful mix

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, moist but freely draining
  • Rate of growth: average to fast
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Hardiness: fully hardy
  • Bulb size: 5/6

    Great dollops of colour top the upright stems of this fantastic collection of ranunculus from early summer. They come in lots of vibrant shades including red, pink, yellow, orange and white, so add lashings of colour to the bedding scheme. They also look smart in pots.

  • Garden care: Plant the talon-like corms in autumn or spring 8cm deep and a similar distance apart with their 'fingers' facing downwards.

  • CAUTION do not eat ornamental bulbs

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Lots of leaves but only one flower. I referred to previous reviews and fed accordingly, but still no luck.




So far so good


So far so good but only been in this year


South East


I would not re-purchase.


Plenty of leaves but no flowers.




Some colours stronger than others


I grew these in a tub and they were far more successful than other ranunculus that I had tried planting directly into a flower bed. I noticed there were red specimens that were by far the strongest. They were lovely but I had not expected to have red ones from the photograph. There were very poor weather conditions the year I grew them so it may be that some colours were less hardy than others.




Lovely colourful blooms


I bought these on a whim because they were cheap. I planted them individually in many pots and they grew strongly all winter in my unheated greenhouse. The plants became quite large and looked healthy. They produced many buds and have now begun to flower well (late March). The flowers are all sorts of colours and last well in water. My only disappointment is that the plants have started to look a bit tired and some of the leaves are yellowing, but maybe that's what happens as they flower (like allium for example) or it could be that the greenhouse has become too hot. I have since learnt that they are best in an alpine house. I would recommend them, though, for filling a greenhouse with plants and colour before you need the space for seedlings and so on in the spring.




Ranunculus Paeony mixed

3.0 5


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