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Bedding Plants

Bedding plants offer great value for money - and they put on a fabulous seasonal display. Pelargoniums, cosmos, ammi and highly scented sweet peas or nicotiana are all essentials, while geraniums, gazanias and marigolds will thrive in sun-drenched spots. For lightly shaded spots use begonias, petunias and violas to add colour.

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Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses'


Pelargonium 'Don Francco' (PBR)


Pelargonium 'Don Palido' (PBR)


Pelargonium 'Cynthia' (PBR)


Pelargonium 'Don Valentino' (PBR)


Fuchsia Mariska ('Bf01') (Bella Series) (PBR)


Fuchsia 'Sarah' (Bella Series) (PBR)


Fuchsia 'Sophia' (Bella Series) (PBR)


Fuchsia 'Evita' (Bella Series) (PBR)


Nemesia Berries and Cream ('Fleurbac') (PBR)


Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla'


Nemesia Framboise ('Fleurfram') (PBR)


Nemesia Myrtille ('Fleurmyr') (PBR)


Dianthus Green Trick ('Temarisou') (PBR)


Anagallis monellii 'Skylover'


Calendula 'Banana Blizzard ' (PBR)


Calendula 'Golden Glaze' (PBR)


Calendula 'Amber Arctic' (PBR)