Bedding plants

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Cyclamen 'SS Verano Pink'

£17.97 £11.98
Buy Cyclamen 'SS Verano Pink':

Cyclamen 'SS Verano Red'

£17.97 £11.98
Buy Cyclamen 'SS Verano Red':

Cyclamen 'SS Winfall White'

£17.97 £11.98
Buy Cyclamen 'SS Winfall White':

Persian wallflower collection

£44.91 £29.94
Buy Persian wallflower collection: Buy 2 collections for £29.94 and get another collection FREE

wallflower 'Fire King'

Buy wallflower 'Fire King': The perfect partner for tulips

wallflower 'Primrose Dame'

Buy wallflower 'Primrose Dame': Masses of palest yellow spring flowers

wallflower 'Purple Shades'

Buy wallflower 'Purple Shades': Rich colour for the spring border

Chrysanthemum 'Jasoda Mauve' (PBR)

Buy Chrysanthemum 'Jasoda Mauve' (PBR): Brilliant for bright and bold displays of guaranteed colour

Chrysanthemum 'Jasoda Yellow' (PBR)

Buy Chrysanthemum 'Jasoda Yellow' (PBR): Brilliant for bright and bold displays of guaranteed colour

Pansy Matrix F1 Autumn Select Mixed

Buy Pansy Matrix F1 Autumn Select Mixed: Bright colour throughout the winter months

Pansy Cool Wave Mixed

Buy Pansy Cool Wave Mixed: A trailing pansy for your baskets

Polyanthus Stella Mixed

Buy Polyanthus Stella Mixed: Perfect for pots and baskets

Primrose Sweetheart

Buy Primrose Sweetheart: Frilly flowers almost rosebud in shape

Viola Sorbet F1 Mixed

Buy Viola Sorbet F1 Mixed: Outstanding garden performance

Viola 'Sorbet Yellow Frost' (Sorbet Series)

Buy Viola 'Sorbet Yellow Frost' (Sorbet Series): Outstanding garden performance

Viola Teardrops Mixed

Buy Viola Teardrops Mixed: Ideal for winter and spring hanging baskets

Sweet William Indian Carpet

Buy Sweet William Indian Carpet: A cottage garden favourite

Bellis 'Bellissima'

Buy Bellis 'Bellissima': Very sweet in pots and windowboxes

Forget Me Not 'Sylvia Blue'

Buy Forget Me Not 'Sylvia Blue': a firm spring favourite

Pansy 'Coastal Sunrise Mixed'

Buy Pansy 'Coastal Sunrise Mixed': A scrummy blend of rich tones