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Plants for a Conservatory

Conservatories are a great place to grow plants that need winter protection - perfect then for houseplants, or even those borderline-hardy plants that you want to tuck in for the colder months.

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Acacia dealbata

Sweetly scented yellow blooms

Adenium obesum 'Olivia'


Aglaonema 'Jubilee Compacta' (PBR)

Happiest in bright but indirect light

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale'


Alocasia lauterbachiana


Alocasia × amazonica 'Polly'

A truly impressive plant, with large arrow shaped white veined leaves

Aloe vera

Supplied in a lovely ceramic pot

Ananas comosus 'Champaca'

A ornamental pineapple makes an interesting plant for a sunny windowsill

Anthurium Red Champion ('Anthbnena') (PBR)

Exotic-looking flowers

Anthurium Red Champion & pot cover combination

The exotic looking flowers last for ages

Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri Group

Great for cascading over a shelf

Asparagus setaceus

Elegant and airy

Aspidistra elatior

One of the toughest houseplants

Asplenium nidus

A structural and lush-looking houseplant