air plant - Tillandsia ionantha

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Buy air plant - Tillandsia ionantha air plant: Intriguing 'air plant' that develops red leaves when flowering

  • Position: bright but indirect light
  • Soil: these plants do not need to grow in compost!
  • Rate of growth: slow
  • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)
  • Current height: approximately 5cm (+ or - 10%)

    Part of the bromeliad family this small epiphyte originates from the American jungles where it grows on trees. Probably one of the most popular 'air plants' it has a compact rosette of bristle covered silvery grey leaves, which turn bright red for 4 - 6 weeks when it comes into flower. The extraordinary violet/purple tubular flower appears from the central crown of leaves. It doesn't need to be potted in compost, just grow it in a shell or on a piece driftwood and it will take moisture and nutrients from the air. Please note these plants are supplied as a single shoot approximately 5cm in length. The image is showing a mature flowering plant.

  • Home care: These plants do need a humid environment to thrive, so a bright bathroom or steamy kitchen would be ideal. Misting with water a couple of times a week usually supplies sufficient water, although additional watering may be required in a dry hot environment. Remember to shake off any excess water though as they dislike overwatering and should never be allowed to sit in water for any length of time. If possible use rain water, especially in hard water areas, and never use water from a water softener.

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I wish to position it in a summerhouse. Would it withstand low winter temperatures?


These plants are happiest when temperatures do not dip below 12°C, so if they dip too much below that in your summerhouse, then I would not advise keeping them there.


So, please could you tell me how long it takes to grown from 5cm to a mature plant or even a colourful semi plant?


Hello, These are small, slow growing plants, so the ones we sell are already semi-mature. How long they will take to reach full maturity (ie flowering age) will depend on the growing environment, so it is difficult to be specific, but I would say approximately another year or two, by which time (in good conditions) the plant will have produced offsets that will go on to flower in subsequent years.


Which house plant where?

Which house plant where?

Which house plants you choose should depend on the environment you intend to keep them in, the space available, how much time you can spend preening them as well as your personal preference. For me, foliage house plants are the ticket, because they provid

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