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Pink Flowers

Pink is one of the easiest colours to mix. There are so many different shades to choose from (including blush, dusky or a shocking hot pink), that it is virtually impossible not to find a space for them in the border.

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Hyacinthus orientalis 'Pink Pearl'

£3.99 £2.39
40% off selected hyacinth bulbs

Hyacinthus orientalis 'Jan Bos'

£3.99 £2.39

Cosmos 'Sonata Hot Pink Mixed'


Dahlia 'Figaro Mixed'


Antirrhinum 'Appeal Select Mixed'


Begonia 'Devil's Delight F1 Mixed'


Geranium 'Candyfloss Mixed'


Geranium 'Rose'


Geranium 'Showstopper Mixed'


Pansy 'Matrix F1 Spring Select Mixed'


Petunia 'Fantasia Mixed'


Petunia 'Double Pirouette F1 Mixed'


Pansy Matrix F1 Autumn Select Mixed


Polyanthus Stella Mixed


Primrose Sweetheart


Viola Sorbet F1 Mixed


Viola Teardrops Mixed


Sweet William Indian Carpet


Bellis 'Bellissima'