Erigeron karvinskianus

Mexican fleablane (syn. Profusion )

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Buy Erigeron karvinskianus Mexican fleablane (syn. Profusion ): Daisy like flowers turn from white to pink

This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of Growth: average
  • Flowering period: June to October
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Masses of small daisies, emerging white, then turning pink, with yellow centres, give this plant an unusual, two-tone effect. It has a long flowering period, from May to October, and is amazingly versatile, being low-growing, happy in sun or partial shade and thriving in any well-drained soil. It's also tolerant of coastal conditions. Try it as an edging plant in a mixed border, alongside paths, in a gravel garden, spilling over walls, or planted in the cracks in paving. Bees and butterflies love all erigerons, so they make a wonderful addition to a wildlife garden, too.

  • Garden care: Trouble free. Avoid excessive winter wet and trim lanky stems in autumn.

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Eventual height & spread

Very long flowering season


This is one of my favourite plants because it has such a long flowering season with flowers that seem to blend with any colour scheme. The flowers have both white and pink tones with a tiny yellow centre. The foliage is mid green, both delicate and abundant. It flowers from mid-spring and still has some flowers on it now in early November. It is perfect for filling in spaces at the front of any border and is great for creating soft edges. I have it growing very well on the edge of raised oak sleeper beds and gravel paths. In the front garden it blends well with warm colours and in the back it blends well with cool colours, in both sun and partial shade. It appears very drought tolerant too. It does self-seed but the seedlings are not difficult to remove if you don't want them where they appear. It can get vigorous and smother smaller plants such as rockery-type plants if planted too closely. I have them planted with shrub roses, grasses and taller perennials such as achilleas.




I would buy this again


Rockery edging




Stays looking pretty for ages


These look great planted in the Terracotta Babylon Hanging Pots




So pretty, I would buy more!


This plant has a lovely shape to it which it keeps as it grows. It flowers over a long period and looks really pretty bobbing about in the wind. The flowers are white and pink and there are lots of them. I have them dotted about all over and they seem happy wherever I have planted them.




Profuse flowers all summer


Brilliant reliable plants flower for ages


East Lothian


Good plant


These are lovely plant they do very well in dry stony soil and in a hot garden Can be left to sort them self's out,love them.




Easy plant to grow


Planted this in front garden. They took on easily. Very low maintenance. The spread out beautifully and are perfect in my small flower beds.


Petts Wood


Cracking value


I bought a collection of 6 x 9xm pots to help fill new borders along a gravel path. They've flowered continuously and really bulked up since autumn last year and look wonderful, softening the edge of the bed. I'm told they self seed but I haven't found that to be the case yet.




Guaranteed good buy


Extremely healthy plants every time.




Once established they grow really well


These plants grow well and cover a large area once established. If planted too close to other low plants, they may cover them but planted in the right place, they form a very pretty mass of flowers all summer.

Newish gardener



Erigeron karvinskianus

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Can i grow in large patio tub


Hello, You most certainly can - just make sure it gets loads of sun and does not get too dry.


When to plant Sarcococca confusa Hello, I am thinking of buying the above shrub, can you please tell me when is it the best time to plant it? I live in Cumbria which is currently still very cold with intermittent frosts. Thanks

Jackie Kerr

Hello, I have just taken delivery today of my last order,-a Sarococca and 2 x Erigeron karvinskianus. Can I check with you where they have been stored to date? Have they been kept outside or in an unheated green house etc... I am trying to ascertain whether I can keep them outside until planting now? It is only February and there is still ice and snow forecast here in the next week or so. Thanks

Jackie Kerr

Hello There, These plants have been grown outside and as they are fully hardy they should be planted out as soon as the ground is not frozen. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

Hello There, These plants are fully hardy so can be planted out at any time of the year as long as the ground isn't frozen. The ideal time for planting however is spring or autumn. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

When is the best time to plant the border on a budget? We are intrested in purchasing the plants suggested on 'money's tight' pre-planned border. Can you suggest when it is best to plant these plants?

sarah keeling

As a rule hardy plants grown in containers (such as the majority of the ones we sell), can be planted at any time of year as long as the soil isn't frozen solid. The best times to plant however are in the autumn when the soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth but the plant isn't in active growth, or in spring before the temperatures start to rise. You can also plant in mid summer as long as you make sure the plants are kept well watered.


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