Lavandula × intermedia 'Grosso'

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Buy Lavandula × intermedia 'Grosso' lavender: Considered by many to have the best scent

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: moderately fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: vigorous
  • Flowering period: July to August
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    This vigorous English lavender produces masses of long, slender stems, that are topped with clusters of vivid violet flowers between July and August, above mounds of grey-green leaves. It makes a gorgeous, flowering, informal hedge, especially along a path, where its fabulous fragrance can best be appreciated. It works well in a Mediterranean garden, or clipped into a formal sphere for a contemporary look. The highly scented flower-spikes are also a magnet for bees and other nectar-loving insects.

  • Garden care: Cut back the stalks after the flowers have faded to retain a compact shape. Carefully trim back in April, taking care not to cut into old wood.

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Eventual height & spread

Eventual height and spread

Notes on Lavandula × intermedia 'Grosso'

"Grown across Provence, a billowing mound of dark-blue tapering flowers, held on long stems, splaying outwards in late summer and autumn above a close mound of foliage that can be shaped for winter interest."

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20+ bees on this every time I look at it! =D


This lavender is large, has a lot of impact, and even better than both of those it is ALWAYS chock full of multiple types of bees etc! I love it. The one in the pot is not nearly as happy as the one I put in the ground - it wants a good space to spread both roots and flower stems out. I'm really pleased with this. This will be the second year I get to make my own lavender sachets as well - yay! Trimming the stems helps the plant remain a reasonable, healthy size and decreases how big and woody it gets I think.




Highly recommend


I bought 6 of these to form a fragrant bee friendly barrier behind my patio. Perfect!




Generous, sprawling plant


I followed the suggestion of another reviewer and planted these in pots by the patio. The plants sprawl elegantly and flower until the frosts.




wonderful fragrance


Spaced around the terrace




Thrilled with the results


Great for softening edges of patio. Good variety nice fragrance and beautiful. Good size, will see if it copes with extreme conditions here at the cliff edge.


SW Wales


so deirable


My favourite lavender for medium to big pots and as a " filler" in herbeaceous border. It fans out like a fountain-wonderful.





5.0 6


How deep and strong is the tap root ,l have one planted can it invade a drain.

Spotty dotty

Lavender is indigenous to the mountainous areas of the countries bordering the western European part of the Mediterranean region. They are shallow rooting plants and thrive on poor sandy soils. The do not have a tap root and are unlikely to cause any issues with drains.


Just received and planted 3x9cm pots of lovely strongly growing lavandula grosso. Thank you. Do these need to be cut back this year - to stop then becoming leggy, and if I do cut them back, will they flower?

Silver Birch

I would avoid the spring trim this year, and just give them a late prune after they have finished flowering.


I would like to grow Grosso in pots on the sunny terrace. What dimensions, shape and material of pot/planter would suit it best.


Hello there This is a lovely lavender with long slender stems which could be planted in a number of different pots but I have attached links below to some of my favorites.

Will this flower in it's first year?


Hello, Unfortunately w can never guarantee this as it is largely determined by external factors such as the available water, light and nutrients, but having said that, there is an excellent chance that it will produce some flowers in its first year given the right conditions.


What can I plant in a Mediterranean style garden? I want give my garden a Mediterranean look but I do not know what to plant. Could you please help?

There are quite a few plants that we sell on the website which will give you a mediterranean feel to your garden - here are some of the best any of the Kniphofias any of the Euphorbias Yucca filamentosa Stipa tenuissima any of the Eryngiums any of the Sedum spectabile any of the Bergenias Erigeron Brachyglottis compacta Sunshine Convolvulus cneorum Phlomis italica Lavandula x intermedia Dutch Group Festuca glauca


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