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Wildflowers look great and will provide sustenance for birds, bees and butterflies. They are easy to grow and once established you won’t need too much maintenance. You also don’t need a meadow to grow them in, as many will flourish in a small space in an urban environment if given the chance.

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Calamintha nepeta

£8.99 £6.99
Buy Calamintha nepeta : Excellent for a sunny spot

Centaurea nigra

Buy Centaurea nigra : Single purple thistle-like flowers with black fringe

Iris pseudacorus

Buy Iris pseudacorus : Glistening golden flowers for the pondside

Primula vulgaris

Buy Primula vulgaris : Our native, woodland primrose.

Valeriana officinalis

Buy Valeriana officinalis : Ideally suited to naturalised schemes

Dipsacus fullonum

Buy Dipsacus fullonum : A structural biennial that attracts both bees and goldfinches

Prunella vulgaris

Buy Prunella vulgaris : Lovely creeping wildflower with small violet/blue flower spikes

Oenothera biennis

Buy Oenothera biennis : Ephemeral, yellow flowers at dusk and heady fragrance

Galium verum

Buy Galium verum : Honey-scented, golden-yellow flowers

Agrostemma githago

Buy Agrostemma githago : A rare magenta flower

Papaver rhoeas

Buy Papaver rhoeas : Brilliant red flowers. Ideal for a meadow

Filipendula ulmaria

Buy Filipendula ulmaria : A popular coloniser of streams, pond edges and wet meadows.

Centaurea cyanus

Buy Centaurea cyanus : A vivid blue annual for a meadow

Knautia arvensis

Buy Knautia arvensis : A great nectar source for butterflies

Leucanthemum vulgare

Buy Leucanthemum vulgare : Perfect for a sunny wildflower meadow

Glebionis segetum

Buy Glebionis segetum : Bright yellow, daisy-like blooms

Silene dioica

Buy Silene dioica : An attractive wildflower, found around woodland edges and in hedgerow.

Dipsacus fullonum

Buy Dipsacus fullonum : Often grown by gardeners to attract Goldfinches

Poppy field collection of annuals

Buy Poppy field collection of annuals: Butterflies will fill your garden - Simply a wildlife delight

Butterfly seed collection

Buy Butterfly seed collection: Summer-flowering wildflowers