Bee mat seed carpet

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Buy Bee mat seed carpet Bees seeds - seed mat: Perfect for gardeners who don't have the time.

    • Position: full sun
    • Soil: well-drained soil
    • Rate of growth: average - fast

      Gardening couldn't be easier with this great seed mat. It's made from biodegradable tissue paper that has pre-sown seeds in it so all you need to do is roll it out, cover, and in no time at all the seeds will germinate and provide you with a riot of colour. Perfect for gardeners who either don't have the time or aren't really very green fingered.

      Seed mat contains
      A mixture that has been specially chosen, using annual, biennal and perennial plants that will encourage bees into your garden. Honey Bees and Bumble Bees love the flowers that grow in BeeMat. Contains a mix of seeds bees love including: Common Knapweed, Greater Knapweed Golden Rod, Chrysanthemeum mixes, Borage, Anise Hyssop, Californian Poppy, Verbena, Lady Phacelia and Viper's Buglos. (may vary slightly)

      Planting instructions
      Simply roll out the mat on a weed-free spot of prepared soil and cover with about 5cm of sharp sand, top soil or compost, that will secure the mat. Then just water in. The mat will help suppress weeds and encourage the seeds to grow. To get the best results the seed mats should be used in spring and keep moist.

    • Plant: February - June

    • Flowering: Throughout the summer

    • Size: Each mat is 200cm x 50cm.

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Third year of purchasing this item . So easy to use


Seed mats are so easy to use . Results appear quickly . The bees love the wildflowers x


West wales


Bee mat seed carpet

5.0 1


There is a brown side and a white side of the bee mat does it matter which side faces up and down .


Hello there, these seed mats can be used either way up.

Crocus Product Team

Can I plant this seed mat in a field with goats, sheep and chickens?


Hello there, we have contacted the manufacturer and received the following response: The varieties in all the seed mats are safe to grow anywhere and have been used in meadows previously. There shouldn't be any adverse effects to the animals but please be aware they have never been tested for toxicity in cattle. Once laid, they would need a few months to become established and to allow the seeds to germinate and start growing. If laid where animals are grazing, there is no guarantee how well the mats will grow or last. Sheep and goats especially may eat the mats so they would need to be protected from the animals. The mats do break down on their own into the ground and help protect the seeds against weeds and birds but it isn't really a suitable product to lay in an area where animals will be roaming free immediately after use. We hope this helps.

Crocus Product Team

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