Ranunculus 'Purple Heart'

20 corms £6.99
available to order from winter 2021
60 corms £20.97 £18.00
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Buy Ranunculus 'Purple Heart' ranunculus bulbs: Glorious flowers for borders and bouquets

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, moist but freely draining
  • Rate of growth: average to fast
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Hardiness: fully hardy
  • Bulb size: 5

    Wonderfully dramatic, the sumptuous colouring of this ranunculus will make a sublime partner for rich purples, softer pinks and fresh greens. Pretty impressive in pots or the early summer border, they also make quite long-lived additions to the vase, so I would plant more than you think you will need so you will have plenty left over for cutting.

  • Garden care: Plant the talon-like corms in autumn or spring 8cm deep and a similar distance apart with their 'fingers' facing downwards.

  • Poisonous

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No idea where they went, no foliage nothing! Not looked in pot to see if they are still there yet though.




Long lasting and great as cut flowers


Planted in groups and plenty of them! I shall be purchasing more.




I would buy this product again


Very lovely - I shall think of getting them again. Thank you

This puts me off having to review



Very pretty


Bought these after only seeing them in pictures, and safe to say that the pictures does not to them justice. All corms were viable and more than delivered. Various shades of darkest maroon, purple and red, throwing flower after flower for weeks on end. The flowers last long and they are quite sturdy. They were very pretty and long lasting in a vase as well. The only downside was that aphids love the flower stems but this didn't affect the flower power. I have moved the corms this winter (easy to find in the ground due to unusual corm shape) and already loads of leaves came through. They work very well with Hydrangea Miss Saori which I also bought from here.




Great plants, great prices, great service


Always great plants, great prices, great service


South London


Truly beautiful flowers


A welcome addition to my purple garden.


Near St Andrews, Scotland


Highly recommended


A revelation these flowers - each colour is quite different - they are striking, proud and colourful and flower shortly after spring anenomes finish their flowering. I am hoping my planting will naturlise but will continue to plant new colours each season.


The Cevennes, France; London



4.7 7


Hi . How long do ranunculus corms stay fresh for before planting and when is the best time to plant ? Many thanks


Hello, You can keep the corms in a cool, dry place for a couple of weeks, however they are best planted as soon as possible after they are delivered - either in autumn or spring.


Once the ranunculus have flowered, what happens to the leaves/rest of the plant? Will it die down shortly after the flowering period? My ranunculus flowered early (April) after having planted in Sept last year, and they seem to be finishing off their flowering with some of the plants starting to yellow. Is this normal or are they in need of some TLC? Thanks in advance!


Hello there Ranunculus will start to dieback once it has finished flowering, so if the leaves are starting to yellow that could be all part of the plants natural cycle. Hope this helps.

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