Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus

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Buy Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus gladiolus byzantinus: Spikes of bright magenta flowers

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: moist, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Hardiness: hardy (borderline)

    This is an unusual, late-spring flowering bulb which produces spikes of up to 20 funnel-shaped magenta flowers. It looks stunning planted in groups among shrubs, where it will spread freely, or for providing vivid vertical accents among silver-leaved plants. The exotic-looking flowers also make lovely cut flowers.

  • Garden care: Plant corms 10-16cm (4-6in) deep in autumn, on a bed of sharp sand to aid drainage.

  • CAUTION do not eat ornamental bulbs

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Eventual height & spread

Eventual height and spread

Notes on Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus

"May flower power - spikes of deep-magenta to follow on from tulips, or to pop up through silver aromatics with the strident allium ‘Purple Sensation"

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Beautiful bulb


I first saw these in Majorca and loved them. Was so happy to see them for sale in Uk. Gorgeous colour and have popped up again this year.




I will always have this flower in my garden


The beautiful colour and delicate flower is always admired by visitors. It can self seed and pop up in unusual corners in quite dry patches of the garden. Just when it seems to be lost it is back.




Beautiful bright coloured flower


I love the vivid pink of this flower. It is a real pop of colour in the Spring.

Chris O



Gorgeous colour!


It was the colour that attracted me. So vibrant and beautiful looking. Bought some last year and again this year!




Yes I would buy this product again.


Very pretty and healthy.




Not found everywhere!


I love these, as I first found them in my Aunt's garden in Texas. She had taken the bulbs from my great-grandmothers garden, so have been in the family for ages in the US. In my Aunt's garden they were perfectly happy in full shade, (but this was Texas). I kept looking until I found their name and have now planted them mixed with Crocosmia bulbs that were established in my garden before I moved in. I have yet to see how that works, but I can see the bulbs coming up and the plants are very healthy! Can't wait to see the colours combined!


London (SE)


Look promising


Out of all the bulbs I ordered from Crocus these look the most promising




hoping for great things


have yet to see any results, but they have already started to sprout, so fingers crossed for a great display




Totally satisfied


I returned from a spring holiday in Majorca where I had really loved the wild gladiolus I do not pick wild flowers but was very tempted. Instead when I returned home I looked on the web to identify the flower and then to source a stockist I was delighted to find your company and thought the price for the bulbs was very fair and so ordered some for myself and for my walking partner who had shared the holiday. Your company explained that it would ship the bulbs later on the year and then sent a reminder nearer the time the bulbs arrived in good condition and I am looking forward to them flowering this season. I was delighted by your service and would definitely use your company again


Scotland aberdeenshire



4.8 9


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