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grape Black Hamburg ('Schiava Grossa')

Buy grape Black Hamburg ('Schiava Grossa'): Delicious dark purple grapes

blueberry 'Bluecrop'

Buy blueberry 'Bluecrop': A tasty mid season variety

gooseberry 'Invicta'

Buy gooseberry 'Invicta': Suitable for dessert and culinary use


Buy rosemary: A deliciously aromatic favourite

rosemary 'Miss Jessopp's Upright'

Buy rosemary 'Miss Jessopp's Upright': Lavender-blue flowers

thyme - Silver Posie

Buy thyme - Silver Posie: An excellent ground cover

Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'

Buy Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote': A compact lavender, with intense, violet flowers

lemon verbena

Buy lemon verbena: A useful and decorative herb

fig 'Brown Turkey'

Buy fig 'Brown Turkey': Brown, pear-shaped fruit with red flesh

savory - summer savory

£1.99 £1.49
Buy savory - summer savory: A verstaile herb with edible flower petals

shallot 'Red Sun'

Buy shallot 'Red Sun': An attractive, red-skinned variety

shallot 'Golden Gourmet'

Buy shallot 'Golden Gourmet': High yielding and hardy

garlic 'Marco'

Buy garlic 'Marco': A strong flavoured variety

Ranunculus 'Purple Heart'

Buy Ranunculus 'Purple Heart': Glorious flowers for borders and bouquets

potato 'King Edward'

£7.99 £4.00
50% off selected potatoes
Buy potato 'King Edward': One of the most popular early maincrops

potato 'Desiree'

£7.99 £4.00
50% off selected potatoes
Buy potato 'Desiree': A popular and versatile potato

potato 'Maris Piper'

£7.99 £4.00
50% off selected potatoes
Buy potato 'Maris Piper': Great for chipping


£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy heartease: A very pretty garnish to puddings and salads

potato 'Duke of York'

£7.99 £4.00
50% off selected potatoes
Buy potato 'Duke of York': A classic first early

potato 'Rocket' (PBR)

£7.99 £4.00
50% off selected potatoes
Buy potato 'Rocket' (PBR): A delicious new potato