Pachysandra terminalis

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Buy Pachysandra terminalis Japanese spurge: Excellent ground cover plant for colder areas

  • Position: any, from full sun to full shade
  • Soil: tolerates most
  • Rate of growth: average to fast-growing
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Rosettes of glossy, dark green leaves with serrated edges form dense mats of eyecatching groundcover in sun or shade. In early summer upright clusters of tiny, white flowers contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage. Japanese spurge is perfect for carpeting bare areas of earth between deciduous shrubs or trees.

  • Garden care: Lift and divide congested colonies in autumn or spring.

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Pachysandra terminalis


All plants were healthy & have established well. However, they are taking a bit longer to spread than expected.

Silver Sailor



Very pleased


I researched the best plants for a certain situation and saw them on your website. Very pleased with the result.

Happy in the garden



Should have sorted better oil conditions


Bought numerous plants for eventual ground cover in partial shade. Some are thriving, others are completely not, so a mixed bag of responses. Researching in detail online it seems Pachysandra Terminalis prefers it's soil slightly more acidic, which their current soil conditions are not. Perhaps this is the reason they are hit and miss?

Auntie Maureen



Taken well


Part of shady border pack and despite plug size at purchase have taken well.




starting to spread


Brought these to fill space between trees they have spread well.




Good plant, will repeat .


dry shade ground cover




good ground cover when established


I've several of these plants over the years from Crocus to grow in partial shade as ground cover. The original ones established well and spread well. I bought 6 more last year but most have died even though they are in similar locations.




great for ground cover


Im need this for ground cover anti seems to be doing a good job of it




Happy with our plants


Product was as described, price was fair


Bishopbriggs, Scotland


lovely rich green shiny leaves


This glossy little plant copes happily in the shade and looks good next to some Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' in my borders





4.2 12


Can pachysandra be grown as a container plant in a shady courtyard?

Avid container gardener

Hello there Yes you could as long as it is kept watered.

Is this plant bunny resistant? I have 4 bunnies and they seem to eat everything I plant.? Thanks


Hello, Yes, pachysandra does tend to be left alone by rabbits, however that's not to say that they wont have a nibble if they are hungry enough.


I would like to cover an area between trees with Japanese spurge, however there is a few digitalis, hellebores and euphorbia diamond frost there. Will it go around them or kill them when it spreads ?


Hello, All plants will compete with one another for water, light and nutrients, but pachysandra is not so aggressive that it will completely take over everything else.


Hi How well will Pachysandra do in very heavy, wet (occasionally waterlogged),clay soil - in partial/full shade?! Would Viburnum bodnantense Dawn also be ok for these conditions?

Tractor Boy

Hello, The pachysandra is pretty tolerant of most soils, providing the waterlogging is not too prolonged or extensive. I would not advise using the Viburnum in this position though.


Would this ground cover win the battle over ivy which is currently in our shrubbery?


Hello, I suspect that if the ivy is well established, then nothing will be able to compete, but if you clear away some good-sized patches of ivy to make room for the Pachysandra (making sure it is not overcrowded and is kept well fed and watered), then you can gradually swap them over.


Is Japanese spurge invasive ? Can it bee grown in pots and in full sun? Would it be a successful combination with the tulip lilac wonder?


Hello, These plants do spread by underground rhizomes, but I would not describe them as invasive. They will grow in most soils provided they are not too dry, but they prefer a spot in partial shade. As for combining it with the species tulip, personally I would not as I think the tulips are seen at their best without too much competition.


I'm looking for ground cover between an conifer and a large elder. I suspect the conifer's needles will have made the soil acidic. Would Pachysandra tolerate acidic soil? I notice the blurb says it is good between deciduous trees.


Hello, This does sound like a particularly inhospitable spot, so even the toughest plant may struggle here. Having said that, pachysandra is incredibly tolerant and adaptable, so if anything is going to survive, it could well be this - I would however enrich the soil as much as you can and water like mad!


how many pachysandra will I need for a fifty square foot triangular area

salt of the earth

Hello, It really depends on if you want immediate impact or are prepared to wait for them to grow and fill the space. These plants have an eventual spread of around 1.5m (5 feet or so), so in theory you may get away with 5 plants, but if you are impatient, then you will probably want to plant more than this.


My Japanese spurge is looking a bit sad, no glossy green leaves but yellowish,what do they need? Beech tree

Beech tree

Hello, They are tolerant of most soils, but will be happiest in a reasonably fertile soil in partial shade. If yours is looking a little yellow, then please make sure it is kept well watered and feed it with a good general purpose fertiliser such as Vitax Q4.


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