Gladiolus mixed colours

40 corms £8.99
available to order from winter 2021
120 corms £26.97 £24.00
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Buy Gladiolus mixed colours gladioli bulbs: Elegant spires of bright colour

  • Position: full sun to partial shade
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: July to September
  • Hardiness: half hardy
  • Bulb size: 10/12

    This is a mixture of the best large flowering gladioli, ranging in colour from white through to startling red. The flowers are produced from July to September and make excellent cut flowers. They look stunning planted in groups among shrubs and large herbaceous flowers in a border.

  • Garden care: Plant corms 10-16cm (4-6in) deep in spring, on a bed of sharp sand to aid drainage. In frost-prone areas, lift them when the leaves turn yellow-brown and store the corms in a dry, frost-free place over winter.

  • CAUTION do not eat ornamental bulbs

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I would buy it as a cut flower again


I bought it as a cut flower and it performed beautifully. I have lofted the bulbs and will put them in the ground this spring and hope it will reward me with more great blooms this year. Great value for money as a cut flower if you've got the space.

The Boss





These were planted in the garden and also a large tub, they were beautiful




I would recommend these


Tall plants, grew in groups you don't know what the colours will be. I liked the mix especially the darker red an yellows


North kent


Definitely yes


The flowers in the gladioli pack were a wonderful range in assorted colours and they all bloomed beautifully for a long period. They really cheered up the garden and I was very satisfied and pleased with my choice.




Beautiful colours and very tall stems


Planted them in both my front and back garden easy to plant and need little attention. Even though last summer had litter rain they still thrived


North East


Great quality bulbs, beautiful bright flowers


All the bulbs flowered beautifully with a range of vibrant colours. Really healthy plants. Ideal for adding easy height and colour to any beds.

Jo W



Great quality


The bulbs arrived in good condition. The flowers were large and colours vibrant.It was a stunning display. I planted a few bulbs in my grandmother garden; she was delighted with the colours and quality.




Vibrant colour splash


A real 'plug and play' plant, guaranteed performance in bright colours. Striking in groups or as an island of colour amongst other perennials. Only word of caution may need some support in areas prone to high winds!


east anglia



4.9 8


What fungicide is best to use on gladiola corms before storage


Hello, I have double-checked with the British Gladiolus Society and they do not recommend using any fungicide at all when storing these corms - please see the following link for more information.


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