Bulbs for pots - Rich blues - 220+10 Free bulbs

bulb lasagne collection for pots

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2 collections £98.85 £65.90
Delivered by mid September
1 collection £32.95
Delivered by mid September
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Buy Bulbs for pots - Rich blues - 220+10 Free bulbs bulb lasagne collection for pots: Buy a collection of 110 bulbs for or buy 2 + get extra 10 free bulbs

Buy the collection of 110 bulbs suitable for a 45cm pot (approximately) for £32.95, or buy 2 collections for £65.90 and receive 10 bonus bulbs x Hyacinthus orientalis 'Peter Stuyvesant' (worth £13.98) FREE.

  • Position: full sun or partial shade, though best in full sun
  • Soil: well-drained soil that remains moist during winter and spring
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Flowering period: early March to May
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    For the best possible display of spring bulbs in pots, the technique of planting pots in layers extends the period of interest and looks great. This combination can produce a display of flowers from early March through to May. On the patio or on either side of a front door they will give a scented welcome to your home in spring.

    In each collection you will receive the following:

    50 x Muscari armeniacum
    Charming, cone-shaped spikes of tiny, mid-blue flowers appear in April and May above the grass-like, mid-green leaves. Grape hyacinths look gorgeous peeping out of a large container, planted with yellow, spring-flowering pansies. Quickly forming small colonies, they're also valuable for naturalising at the front of a sunny mixed or shrub border. Grows to 15cm.

    25 x Anemone blanda blue-flowered
    This is a wonderful plant that produces cheerful, daisy-like flowers in shades of blue and purple, giving a floral display from early March to April. Grows to 25cm.

    5 x Hyacinthus orientalis 'Peter Stuyvesant'
    These beautiful hyacinths make a fabulously fragrant patio display with spring-flowering pansies and bulbs. Alternatively plant them into your borders to create a colourful spring bedding display. Grows to 25cm.

    10 x Tulipa 'Blue Beauty'
    Rose-violet petals with a blue satin sheen and a violet-blue inner, form exquisite flowers that top the stout upright stems. Tall and elegant, it is one of the best for cutting as it lasts well in a vase, and it mixes well with a wide range of colours in the border. Try it next to the chartreuse green of a euphorbia, the soft pink of a montana clematis or in front of a dark purple-leaved backdrop.

    20 x Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica
    At roughly the same time in spring, the strappy upright(ish) foliage appears, almost seeming to stand guard at each side of the emerging flowerspike. This spike carries up to 10 near-white flowers, which often have a faint blue stripe down the length of each petal. It is very pretty when intermingled with cyclamen or fritillaria (the snake's head type), but avoid overcrowding as they like their space, and will naturalise areas under trees and shrubs if left undisturbed. They do well in pots too. Grows to 15cm.

    Garden care: Add some bulb fibre to your pot and plant the tulip bulbs first, 20-25cm deep. Add more bulb fibre to cover them, then add a layer of hyacinths at around 12cm deep and fill in as before. Then a layer of Anemone blanda blue-flowered and Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica and Muscari armeniacum planted at 2.5-5cm deep.

    • Harmful if eaten/may cause skin allergy

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Fascinating spring colour display


Bought those last autumn so already had one season of the display earlier this year. This was my first experiment with the bulb lasagne (and actually with growing bulbs) and I am now a fan! I planted the bulbs in autumn and kept them in my back garden; first shoots appeared in January and first flowers appeared in March . At that point I placed the container by my front door and noticed passers by stopping regularly to have a look at how the plants were developing with new flowers popping up almost every day. Unfortunately, when the tulips emerged, we had a bout of unusually hot weather and they withered within a couple of days so I don't have a good photo of the display in its full glory. On the cons side, the planting instructions could have been clearer. I was lucky to have a fairly detailed one from an old Crocus advert dating a couple of years back.

Tania KP



Just lovely


Lovely selection of bulbs, the hyacinths and tulips were just beautiful and long lasting . One improvement could be specific instructions relating to the bulbs delivered instead of a broad covering list.





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What size pot (width and depth) do you recommend for one lasagne collection?


Hello, We recommend a pot of an approximate diameter of 45cm (18"). As for the depth, this can vary, but I would certainly go no shorter than 30cm (12").


What would be the best position for the bulb lasagne i.e light etc.


Hello there The best results will be when in full sun although it will tolerate a bit of shade.

Can the bulbs be left in the pot after flowering and, if so, will they come up again the following year also, can they be planted in regular potting compost? Thanks!


Hello, All apart from the tulips could be left in the pot for a couple of years, but after that they should be lifted and moved into something larger.


Does this come with planting instructions? I want to send it as a gift.


Hello, It is sent out with general planting instructions, however there is more specific information regarding planting a 'bulb lasagne' on our video - please click on the link below to go straight to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umDpz-eMsj4


do the flowers bloom at the same time or do they bloom all at different times?


Hello, The bulbs will flower in sucession from early March to May, but there will be some overlapping too.


Hi, regarding bulb lasagne, can you tell me where/how to store bulbs and do they need to dry out first, sorry I am ignorant. Do they need to go in a bag. Step by step please : /


Hello, Before you lift the bulbs you need to wait until all the foliage has turned brown and crispy and died off completely. Then you can lift the bulbs, sort them into their groups and lay them out somewhere cool and dry for a few days, before storing them in either a bed of dried peat, bulb nets or some old pantyhose where they can be kept in the shed or garage until they are ready for planting in autumn. The only exception to this are the tulips, which tend not to perform as well in subsequent years so should be replaced.


New to gardening, can these bulbs be planted in the garden borders??


Hello there Yes all these bulbs are suitable for garden borders. Hope this helps

Hi, When planting in pots do they need some sort of winter protection? Many thanks,


Hello, The bulbs in this collection are all fully hardy so do not need any protection from the cold weather, but do try not to let them get too wet in winter.


My bulb lasagnes are absolutely fantastic - a daily delight, just as in the photographs! Gorgeous scent, too. My question is, what to do with the bulbs when flowering is over - would they be best planted in the garden, or can some of them go back in a similar pot planting next year?


Hello, With th exception of the tulips (which should be replaced), these can all either be planted out in the garden, or potted up again in autumn.


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