Plant spring bulbs

Spring bulbs, such as daffodils and hyacinths, can be planted whenever the soil conditions allow. As a rough guide, cover them with about twice as much soil as the bulb is deep: so that a 5cm (2in) deep bulb would need a 15cm (6in) deep hole so that it is covered with 10cm (4in) of soil. In the border plant in irregular drifts just under the canopy of deciduous shrubs. Use odd numbers of bulbs and plant them in an irregular pattern to create the most natural-looking effect. For small groups use a trowel or special cylindrical bulb planter, but larger drifts are easier to plant by scooping out a hole or trench with a spade and planting in the bottom of this. If you are planting a range of bulbs, make planting daffodils your priority because they need time to establish before the weather deteriorates.

Tools required

Trowel , bulb planter , or spade

Skill rating


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