Astrantia 'Moulin Rouge' (PBR)

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Buy Astrantia 'Moulin Rouge' (PBR) masterwort: Stunning dark red flowers - brand new variety

This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

    • Position: full sun or partial shade
    • Soil: fertile, moist, preferably humus-rich soil
    • Rate of growth: average to fast
    • Flowering period: June to August
    • Hardiness: fully hardy

      This is a new variety of astrantia with stunning red pincushion flowers surrounded by a ruff of red bracts that appear from early to late summer. The leaves are pretty too; deeply lobed and dark green. Although it is an old cottage garden favourite, this astrantia works equally well in contemporary-style plantings. Use towards the front of a sunny, yet moist border. It makes an excellent cut flower as the flowers last up to two weeks in a vase. Astrantias have been cultivated in Britain since the 16th century and have numerous common names, such as melancholy gentleman, Hattie's pincushion and the more well-known masterwort.

    • Garden care: Astrantias do not like dry soil so incorporate plenty of organic matter when planting and water well in dry weather, especially with newly established plants. Lift and divide large clumps in early spring and apply a generous 5-7cm mulch of well-rotted manure or garden compost around the plant. Divided specimens may take some time to establish since they don't like having their roots disturbed.

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Beautiful colour


This plant will keep looking better and better with time. Such a beautiful looking plant, you will not be disappointed.




Slugs got to it first


This may have made a great plant, but despite what they say, slugs do like Astrantias.




Gorgeous astrantia


Lovely healthy astrantia


South West


Wishywashy colouring


Grows well in mostly shade and adds a bit of colour to a darkish border other than green if that's what you're looking for.


South West

Astrantia Moulin Rouge (PBR)

4.0 4


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