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Forest wooden tree seat

Buy Forest wooden tree seat: Sit and enjoy the shade of a favourite tree

Outdoor canvas forest path

Buy Outdoor canvas forest path: Add interest to exterior walls, fences or sheds

Hepatica 'Forest Purple' (Forest Series)

Buy Hepatica 'Forest Purple' (Forest Series): Be the first on the block to own one

Hepatica 'Forest Red' (Forest Series)

Buy Hepatica 'Forest Red' (Forest Series): Gold dust for the collector

Hepatica 'Forest White' (Forest Series)

Buy Hepatica 'Forest White' (Forest Series): A plant hunters dream

Garden obelisk

Buy Garden obelisk: Create a feature in the garden

Tall garden store

Buy Tall garden store: Compact wooden store for garden tools and essentials

Wooden kitchen garden trough

Buy Wooden kitchen garden trough: Sturdy timber trough for easy waist-height gardening

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

Buy Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy': Deep purple foliage

Pieris 'Forest Flame'

Buy Pieris 'Forest Flame': Evergreen shrub for acid soil with red young foliage

Ryeford garden arch

Buy Ryeford garden arch: Attractive pergola-style timber arch

Potting bench

Buy Potting bench: A garden essential

Narrow caledonian raised bed

Buy Narrow caledonian raised bed: Ideal for smaller gardens

Ceratostigma willmottianum Forest Blue ('Lice') (PBR)

Buy Ceratostigma willmottianum Forest Blue ('Lice') (PBR): Foliage turns wonderful autumnal colours

Sleeper bench

Buy Sleeper bench: Make a statement in the garden

Limoge arbour

Buy Limoge arbour: Enjoy the garden in comfort, shelter and shade

Slot down compost box

Buy Slot down compost box: Recycle your green waste in the slot down compost bin.

Slot down compost box extension kit

Buy Slot down compost box extension kit: Make your slot down composter bigger

Beehive composter

Buy Beehive composter: Attractive beehive shaped compost bin

Large caledonian raised bed

Buy Large caledonian raised bed: Made of solid timber planks