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Forest wooden tree seat

Sit and enjoy the shade of a favourite tree

Wooden kitchen garden trough

Sturdy timber trough for easy waist-height gardening

Ryeford garden arch

Attractive pergola-style timber arch

Potting bench

A garden essential

Garden obelisk

Create a feature in the garden

Willow obelisk 2 pack 1.2m

Rustic natural obelisks to blend in with the garden

Limoge arbour

Enjoy the garden in comfort, shelter and shade

Overlap garden wall store

Store your tools in style

Hepatica 'Forest Purple' (Forest Series)

Be the first on the block to own one

Slot down compost box

£119.99 £95.99
20% off garden tidy
Recycle your green waste in the slot down compost bin.

Slot down compost box extension kit

£79.99 £63.99
20% off garden tidy
Make your slot down composter bigger

Tall garden store

Compact wooden store for garden tools and essentials

Beehive composter

£119.99 £95.99
20% off garden tidy
Attractive beehive shaped compost bin

Pieris 'Forest Flame'

£14.99 £11.99
20% off evergreens
Evergreen shrub for acid soil with red young foliage

Narrow caledonian raised bed

Ideal for smaller gardens

Sleeper bench

Make a statement in the garden

Victorian tall wall greenhouse

Compact and flexible protection for growing plants

Whitby arch

Elegant planed timber arch

Cranbourne corner summerhouse

Compact wooden summerhouse ideal for an unused corner

Bloxham summerhouse

Attractive timber summerhouse with an apex roof