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Riveted diamond trellis

Buy Riveted diamond trellis: Superior quality expanding trellis - 2 colour options

Compost box cover

Buy Compost box cover: Speed up the compost making process

Original multi-purpose soft-tie

Buy Original multi-purpose soft-tie: Tie up plants without damaging the stem

Garden track path

Buy Garden track path: A temporary path great for using with wheelbarrows or walkways

The extra large flexi trug

Buy The extra large flexi trug: Ideal for mixing, collecting, pouring, scooping, building oh also carrying!

Compostable leaf sack for composting leaves

Buy Compostable leaf sack for composting leaves: Can hold thousands of fallen leaves.

Compost box - FSC timber

Buy Compost box - FSC timber: A traditional style composter made from pressure-treated FSC wooden slats.

Heavy duty tree tie

Buy Heavy duty tree tie: Extra strong and durable tree ties

Seed storage box

Buy Seed storage box: Best for jumbo packets of seeds

Generic storage box

£9.99 £4.89
Buy Generic storage box: Sort out your odds and ends

Deluxe compost pail

£29.99 £24.99
Buy Deluxe compost pail: Tidy compost pail to store anywhere in the house

Organic fast acting weedkiller

Buy Organic fast acting weedkiller: Child and pet-friendly

Flexi-tie 2.5mm

Buy Flexi-tie 2.5mm: Supports the plant without cutting into the stem

Sussex garden trug

Buy Sussex garden trug: Contemporary Sussex trug from the makers of the iconic original

Garden trug

Buy Garden trug: Transport harvests in style

Compost maker - Garotta

Buy Compost maker - Garotta: Speed up the natural composting process

Perforated calendar seed box

Buy Perforated calendar seed box: Order your seeds by the month they should be planted

Perforated calendar seed trunk

£39.99 £20.99
Buy Perforated calendar seed trunk: Order your seeds by the month they should be planted

Lockable galvanised calendar seed trunk

Buy Lockable galvanised calendar seed trunk: Store your precious seeds

Portable plant caddy

£69.99 £55.99
20% off selected pots
Buy Portable plant caddy: Makes it easy to move your plants around

Calendar seed storage box


Perforated calendar seed trunk

£39.99 £20.99

Superfast and long lasting weedkiller

£29.99 £26.99

Galvanised boxed wheelbarrow


Weedol rootkill plus power sprayer


Weedol pathclear power sprayer


Heritage twine balls

£4.99 £4.04

Tin of twine


Twine dispensing box

£13.99 £12.59

Wooden trug set

£44.99 £39.99

Retro tin of twine

£6.99 £6.29

Free standing garden bag

£12.99 £10.99

Medium pop up garden bag


Roundup wand and gel

£22.99 £16.99

Colander trug




Jute twine