Weigela All Summer Red ('Slingco1') (PBR)

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Buy Weigela All Summer Red ('Slingco1') (PBR) weigela or weigelia: Longer flowering than the others

This shrub is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Flowering period: April to October
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    This is a wonderful deciduous shrub that just keeps on giving. The funnel-shaped flowers are a lush shade of red and they usually start appearing in mid-spring. The display does not skip a beat, but intensifies in early summer and continues all the way through to mid-autumn. It is compact enough for a pot, but you will also want to dot a few of these in the border. It is a must if you want strong colour over a really long period in summer.

  • Garden care: Once established remove one or two of the older stems to the base in late summer, cutting back the flowered stems to strong shoots below the spent flowers.

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A plant with impact


A great plant with strong red colour that flowers over a long period. Lots of impact in the border or in a pot.

Caroline L



I would recommend this very attractive shrub.


I planted this shrub in a pot and it is continuously in flower and is very attractive.


South West London


Beautiful dwarf shrub


Planted three of these on edge of lawn on top of a retaining wall. Beautiful flower colour. Flowered all summer. Delighted with this purchase.




Lovely plant


Planted this in a large pot and it looks really good. The flowers are growing but haven't opened yet but they are turning a beautiful shade of red. Beautiful red flowers all summer, brilliant. So good I've just ordered the peach one.


Newcastle upon Tyne


excellent plants every time


All plants arrive in excellent condition with all relevant information given for a successful outcome.

brodgar Dundee

Brought Ferry Dundee



5.0 5


I have just received this plant which I purchased from Waitrose and understand it is supplied by you on their behalf. The plant looks very healthy but there are no signs on the plant either of spent flowers or flower buds yet to develop. I was attracted by the unusually long flowering season for a weigela. But I am now wondering whether I will see any flowers this year.


Hello, Unfortunately we can never guarantee that a plant will either be in flower, or flower at particular time, but I certainly would not give up on them just yet. I have not seen the latest batch on the nursery, but often they are cut back after their first initial flush. I would recommend planting it out in a sunny spot, keep it well fed and watered and see what happens. We cannot guarantee that it will produce flowers this year as it may be focusing its energies on producing a larger rootball (which ultimately will make a happier plant), but given time and the right conditions, there is no reason why it wont eventually flower.


is it too late in the year to buy this plant? it seems to be out of stock everywhere!


Hello, I have had a chat with our buyers and while they are trying to source more stock, they have not been able to find any at present. If you click on the following link and then the 'email me when in stock' button (its near the top of the page next to the price), fill in your details and we will do just that.


what does slinco1 mean in the brackets


Hello, 'Slingco1' is the plants variety name, while All Summer Red is the selling name that the breeders can copyright. This method of naming enables the breeders to protect their interests.

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