Viburnum × bodnantense 'Dawn'

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Buy Viburnum × bodnantense 'Dawn' viburnum: Fragrant, dark pink flowers

This shrub is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: November to March
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Dense clusters of fragrant, dark pink flowers on bare stems from November to March and toothed, dark green leaves. This upright, deciduous shrub is perfect for perfuming winter walks. To fully appreciate the deliciously scented flowers plant in a moist, well-drained border close to an entrance or path in sun or partial shade.

  • Garden care: After flowering prune established specimens, removing up to one in five of the oldest and weakest branches to the base. Apply a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted garden compost or manure around the base of the plant.

  • Humans/Pets Fruit are ornamental - not to be eaten

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Flowered well


In a large pot outside front door. Wanted winter perfume. Not as perfumed as expected. In pot to stop it growing too big. Like to cut some of flowers for indoors in winter/Christmas with winter jasmine and holly.


North Herts


Would buy again


Plant arrived well packaged and healthy. It was a good size with plenty of room in the pot so I didnt have to rush planting it. The instructions were clear and easy to understand in terms of where to plant it and how best to keep it alive!




Excellent purchase


When I purchased the Viburnum last year it was small and too young to have much in the way of flowers, but through this year it has grown very well, and I am looking forward to lots of fragrant flowers this autumn.




A healthy plant with a lovely perfume


Have planted it near the house so we can enjoy the fragrant perfume.




Excellent plant, in perfect conditions


The plant arrived in perfect conditions. It was of a good size and is doing very well.




every order I recieve from CROCUS arrives on time.


Product arrived very well packaged. It was in very good condition when opened and is now starting to bud. Very pleased with all my orders from CROCUS.


west yorkshire




I think this plant shall take off. It seems happy.



Very good buy


Looking forward to it flowering & its scent.


South west


This viburnum replaced one that died. So far so good...


This viburnum replaced Charles Lamont from another supplier. It had grown very large, so I pruned and moved it to a better position. Sadly, I didn't realise that it needed more water than I gave it. Dawn seems very happy and has flower buds.

Why? Sorry, do not wish to give one.

South Notts


A must have for any winter boarder!


Beautiful red wine stems with green pointed foliage throughout the year, it makes for a lovely backdrop to summer interest. From October onwards through the winter shine these pom-poms of stunning candy pink flowers. Their fragrance is a delight, honey and sweet scented, I love it!





4.8 17


Can this be grown in a pot?


Yes - provided the pot is large and you keep the plant well fed and watered.


When is the best time to transplant from a large pot to the ground. It's been in the pot for 3 years and I think it needs more space


It is possible to do this at any time of the year (provided the ground is not frozen or waterlogged), but the best times would be either autumn or spring.


I have just received a specimen shrub from you of the viburnum bodnantense Dawn. However I received no planting instructions and the leaves are slightly curled and browning on the underside and blotched. I am not sure how to plant it or if the leaves are evidence of disease. Can you help please?


Hello, These plants are deciduous, so the leaves will all be starting to die back now. This will continue over the next few weeks before they are shed completely. As for planting instructions, you may find the following video useful... and all the relevant information re aspect, soil type etc is on the plant page on our site ...


We have recently moved into this property and the Viburnum 'Dawn' has grown into a small tree and the top half is engulfed by ivy, which we are slowly stripping away.. What is the best way to proceed to rescue this shrub? How hard can I prune it and when?

Persevering Amateur

Hello there These plants will tolerate quite hard pruning but I would do this after flowering in late spring. You can either cut out up to one in five branches to the base by removing the oldest and weakest first, leaving the remaining branches unpruned so as not to affect flowering the following year. Alternatively if you can cut all the branches to the base and it usually reshoots.

My Viburnam bodnantense Dawn planted earlier this year thrived well until a few days ago. Over a few days the leaves turned brown. What is the problem? Will it survive? Hel please.


Hello, The forst thing that comes to mind is drought, so do make sure the plant is kept really well watered until it has become established. Do also keep in mind however that this shrub is deciduous, so it will lose its leaves in autumn - although this is usually a more gradual process.


My Viburnham bodnantense Dawn that I bought form Crocus in the spring has thrived well until now. All the leaves have curled and the plant looks as if it is dying. It is in full sun in the afternoons is the current weather too hot for it? I can find no evidence of aphid infestation.


Hello, The leaves of these shrubs can look a bit pendent at times and this is often a sign of stress. This could be caused by a number of cultutal things, but the most common are either too much or too little water.


My Viburnham Bodense Dawn, keeps having curled up leaves when they re-grow, has it got a disease of some kind??


Hello, This leaf curling may be caused by viburnum aphid. These tend to hit the young foliage in spring, but they usually become less troublesome as the summer progresses - however if you look carefully amongst the young leaves you may spot them. The only effective treatment is a systemic insecticide, which should be applied from early spring.


We have bark chippings as mulch over most of our borders while the new shrubs & plants are growing to help suppress the weeds. Do we still need to add garden compost or well rotted manure? If so, should we push aside the bark, apply the compost & replace the bark? Or would an application of liquid feed be easier? Please can someone advise us? Thanks


Hello there The bark chippings will breakdown but it will be a slow process. If you want to improve your soil I would remove the bark chippings, then add a good composted compost, and then reapply your bark chipping mulch. Hope this helps.

Hi I purchased this plant a couple of years ago but it does not seem to be thriving it has very few leaves and has never flowered. It is alive as it seems to be growing taller it is probably double the height it was when it was planted if not more. I am therefore assuming it would prefer a sunnier spot than it is currently in. Is that a logical assumption could anything else be causing this problem? If not when would be the best time to relocate this plant to a sunnier spot?


Hello there It could well be that it is not getting enough light and it is reaching up towards the sun and light, but there could be other reasons that are affecting it's growth, such as lack of nurtrients, or a watering issue or it is crowded in a border. These plants like full sun or partial shade normally, but if you thinbk it is due to lack of light then you can move it while it is dormant between October to March. Hope this helps.

Hello, When will be the best time of the year to plant this tree, Viburnumxbodnantense'Dawn' ? It will be planted facing south-west, full sun in the afternoon. Thanks!

Learning trees

Hello there As a general rule plants that are grown in containers can be planted at any time of year as long as the soil isn't frozen solid. The best times are in the autumn when the soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth but the plant isn't in active growth, or the spring before the temperatures start to rise, so you can plant now in September, but I would keep it well watered while we are having this dry spell. Hope this helps

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