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Rhus typhina

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Buy Rhus typhina stag's horn sumach: Breathtaking autumn colour

This shrub is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: moist but well-drained, moderately-fertile soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: June to August
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    An upright, deciduous shrub or small tree, that is primarily grown for its finely-cut dark green leaves, which turn spectacular shades of orange-red in the autumn before they are shed. Cone-shaped clusters of yellow-green flowers appear in summer, and on female plants, these are followed by hairy, deep red berries. Stag's horn sumach is an excellent specimen for a small sunny garden, but as it spreads by suckering, avoid planting it too close to a lawn. Alternatively, you can limit its spread by surrounding the roots with a non-perishable barrier.

    Please note that we cannot guarantee if a particular plant will be male or female.

  • Garden care: Wearing stout gardening gloves remove any suckering shoots that arise around the base of the plant.

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Eventual height & spread

Love this tree


Very pleased with this tree. Waiting for the leaves to turn into all the lovely autumn colours, the main reason for buying.




Colour and Style!


Received a healthy specimen which I elected to plant in a very large tub. My plant has thrived over the summer months with an abundance of leaves and growth. No signs of any pest interest/damage. One of the small stems was accidentally knocked off yet a few weeks later a new shoot had developed off the 'wound'. No flowers but looking forward to seeing its beautiful Autumn leaf show (the primary reason I chose this plant). An attractively coloured and shaped addition to a garden, traditional or contemporary style, be it in the ground (perhaps use a specialised membrane to restrict cheeky suckers popping up elsewhere), or a large container.


North West


Garden must have


Healthy plant with great root structure. It took to its position quickly and provides a brilliant splash of colour in late Autumn.




I would buy again


This plant was a good size and very healthy. It has grown well since purchased.

Loopy lou



Can't wait to watch this grow and develop


The plant is lovely and strong. It's grown really well all summer and looks even better now the leaves are turning red.




I would recommended


Every plant that I have received from crocus have been beautiful specimens. All plants have been healthy and are now growing strong in my garden. Thanks crocus.

Jolly Green 'Fingers' Giant

North Wales


Great plants from a great company


The Rhus has beautiful coloured leaves in Autumn. I have planted mine in the garden but, could easily go in a pot on the patio.


Chesterfield Derbyshire


so thrilled with this!!!!!!


This is such a healthy tree!, My son has moved to a house where there is a mature Sumac and it's wierdly of course I had to have one. It's a lovely healthy specimen and it will have a good home with me. I shall keep it in a succession of bigger and bigger pots until I can find a good spot for it. They produce suckers so I shall have to keep an eye on the little blighter! It was beautifully packaged and arrived very well done to Crocus.






In Autumn the leaves turn the most beautiful colours - Amber, red, orange, gold. Grows well during spring and summer months.






This is a tree I've wanted for years - I grew up with one in my family garden so really wanted to have one of my own. I love that it is so different - from the velvet covering on the branches, to the way it drops its leaves leaving just the stark frame. It's so different. And I love that! The plant arrived in great condition, ready to plant out and has really thrived. It is in a sunny position, and has coped well with a blustery year. There's nothing I don't love about this wonderful tree.




Rhus typhina

4.7 11


Hi, I've a small courtyard with a raised railway sleeper bed. I'm interested in the stag's horn as it looks great with the branches, but can I prune it so it doesn't grow to its full height? I'd only want it about 2.5 metres, as I said it would be going in a raised sleeper and my courtyard is small. Plus do you sell bamboo barriers to stop it suckering? Will I still get multistem and that lovely sculptural look if I do used the bamboo barrier? thanks


If you want to keep this plant smaller, then you can cut it back hard each year in early spring. This will encourage more suckers to form - so creating a lovely multi-stemmed effect. If you do wish to keep these suckers within a certain area, then you can use a bamboo control system - please click on the link below to go straight to it.


Hi, I've read some of the other questions and keep seeing that only female plants have fruit? By fruit do you mean the red conical part? I thought that was a flower, I'm looking for a plant that definitely has those. Thanks.


The flowers of this plant are greenish yellow, but the fruits, which are only produced on the female plants, are deep crimson.


Hi, I bought a staghorn sumac tree during sprong this year. It was around 40cm tall then and is around 1.5m now. It's got quite a thin stem and needs supporting but otherwise quite healthy with lots of leaves. There are no flowers or fruits on it yet. Should it have flowered by now? I really wanted the fruits as they look amazing. I didn't know at the time that only female plants have fruit. The picture on your website clearly shows fruit and I thought this was what I was getting.


Hello, It sounds as though your plant is focusing on producing a bigger root system and more leafy growth, which at this stage in the plants life is actually a very good thing. That's because it actually takes up a lot of the plants energy to produce flowers, while a bigger root system and leafier growth means it will be able to sustain itself better in the long term. The down side is that you may have to wait a couple of years for the flowers to appear. As for the fruits, these only appear on female plants (in the autumn), but as we cannot guarantee whether or not a plant is male or female, you will not know if it will go on to produce fruit until it is old enough to flower.


I'd like to buy a staghorn sumach, but would like to know the approximate height and habit of those you stock. Or whether I can encourage it to branch lower down if the one I receive does not have low branches (I'd like one with multiple ground-level stems if possible). Thanks, Simon


Hello Simon, The ones we currently stock are around 30-40cm in height and have a single stem, but keep in mind that these are suckering shrubs, so will send up new shoots from the base as they grow on and mature.


I will be buying one of these trees shortly, and have read that this specimen is prone to grow offshoots - suckers, If I cover the base with weed membrane etc will this help?


Hello, I don't think that weed membrane will stop the suckers appearing in the long term, however they are quite easy to pull up (you should never cut a sucker) as they appear.


Hi I have a lovely stag horn tree in my garden and there are other small ones growing around it. I have dug one up and potted it to give as a present to my boss as they love the tree but its wilted and died, any advice please?


Hello, Ideally suckers should only be removed from the parent plant (along with their roots) when the plant is fully dormant, so I suspect it was taken while the plant was still actively growing and it has dried out.


Hi there I bought a rhus typhina about a month ago from yourselves and have potted it on and kept it watered etc but as yet it hasn't done anything (no leaves coming etc) am I just being too impatient? The weather's only starting to warmup in my area now (having said that the fire bush I got about the same time is showing signs of growth...) any suggestions? It was given good compost with perlite for drainage and a little slow release fertiliser thanks


Hello there It is till quite early for some plants so I wouldn't be too concerned yet. I would give it another 4-6 weeks and if by then there are still no signs of new growth, please do come back to us. Hope this helps.

Hi just ordered a rhus typhina from you is there any way to know if it's going to be female and produce the fruit or do you just need to wait and see? Thanks


Hello there Unfortunately we don't sell the plants by gender, so there is no way of telling if it will be male or female other than waiting and see.

My beautiful Staghorn has failed to produce leaves this spring. no sign of life with all the small branches brittle and dead. This is a mature tree 20+ years old. what happened? no outer sign of disease.


Hello, I'm afraid I cannot say for sure from your description. If there were no signs of pests or diseases, then the most likely problem will be cultural, so although they are usually pretty resilient, it may have suffered from excessive wet in all the rain we had in winter,


How big are the sumac trees you sell, and how quickly will they grow? I've been looking for one for a long time - none of the garden centres within about 20 miles sell them.


Hello there The Rhus typhina in a 2lt pot will be approx 30-40cm. Hope this helps.


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