Phlomis russeliana

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Buy Phlomis russeliana phlomis: Pretty whorls of pale yellow flowers

This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: any fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average-fast
  • Flowering period: May to September
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    From late spring, right through to early autumn, whorls of hooded, pale yellow flowers appear at intervals on tall, erect stems with dramatic, heart-shaped leaves. A vigorous, spreading perennial that's justifiably popular, due to its long flowering season and tolerance of drought. It looks great in a mixed border, but it needs room to express itself. The flowers are also worth leaving on in winter as they look magical when covered in frost.

  • Garden care: In mid-spring shorten any frost-damaged stems, cutting back to just above a healthy bud. Remove any weak or diseased shoots, cutting cleanly back to the base.

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Notes on Phlomis russeliana

"A good focal point in the summer border; blends well in Mediterranean, gravel or prairie borders; bees love it, so good for wildflower gardens"

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Lovely leafed plant, very healthy and vigourous


Beautiful and healthy plant, and of a good size. Not flowered yet, but excited to see it do so this summer.




Lovely healthy plant just refused to flower


Had a particularly wet, dull summer in the North West last year probably not enough sunshine to prompt flowering. Hopefully this year!

Brambles mum



Would buy again.


Have not flowered yet but healthy looking plants which I hope will produce flowers next year.




Excellent if space is available.


The plant gained a lot of leaf growth but did not flower in the first year.

Avid Gardener



No flowers this year


Plenty of foliage really healthy but alas no flowers - maybe next year.




not too sure about this plant


I have always wanted this plant so purchased this in 2017, it is planted in a very large pot and was very healthy when it arrived the leaves are big and attractive unfortunately it has not flowered yet(not sure why) however it still looks good. The only reason i would not recommend is purely because of mine not flowering.

never give up



Looks good for a long season


I love this easy plant! Great for covering the ground in sun and shade. Whorls of flowers on 2 foot stems dry to dark brown seed heads that give structure all winter.






Had this plant for a few years now. Divided and survived. Every year it cheers me to see it when it flowers. Looks good in summer and winter. Recommended.


West sussex


Fantastic phlomis


Lovely plant, inherited one in back garden of house we bought and wanted one for front garden also Didn't want to divide it as a huge established plant which sat well in the area of garden it was in Grew rapidly over the summer so hoping for possibly flowers this year or next. Well packaged and healthy




I would buy this again


The plants arrived strong and healthy back in September and are growing well in 2 different parts of the garden. It's now February and I'm looking forward to the splendour of them later in the season




Phlomis russeliana

4.6 14


I planted several Phlomis last summer, six months ago. My plants are being eaten leaving leaves with many holes and skeleton. I've inspected under the leaves to find the culprits but there isn't any sign of insects, caterpillars, slugs or whatever. I have used bug spray and slug pellets but my plants are becoming an overwhelmed victim.I would have thought that with some extremely cold nights that most insects would have died off, whatever the bug it must be cold tolerant! What on earth can it be and what can I use to save my plants before it's too late please.


Hello there Sorry to hear that your plants are under attack! Yes you would think that slugs etc. would have been killed in the cold weather, but they might be hiding in a sheltered protected spot somewhere nearby. It does sound like slugs and snail or caterpillars damage so maybe try protect them by covering the plants over with a cloche.

the phlomis in the garden has spread onto the paths. I've dug up some of the roots but could I use weed killer if so which one or would constant cutting back kill it thank you gillian


Hello, The problem with using a weedkiller is it may kill off the whole plant. Therefore if the plant is really too big for the spot, it should be dug up and moved to another spot that will give it room to spread.


My Phlomis is not flowering Hello Last year I bought three Phlomis russeliana and they are growing lots of wonderful large foliage in a hot sunny border - but I have not had one single flower on them. Other plants in the area have been flowering for some time now and I expected flowers from May onwards. What can I do coax the plants into flowering? Thanks Chloe

Chloe WIlmot

Hello there, There are a number of reasons why plants don't flower including too much shade, not enough water or nutrients, or pruning at the wrong time of the year. It can also be caused by the plant putting on new root growth instead of focusing its energies on producing flowers. I am not really sure why yours has not produced buds, but you can often give them a bit of a push by feeding with a high potash fertiliser. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

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