Nerine bowdenii

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Buy Nerine bowdenii nerine bulb: Bright pink lily-like flowers in autumn

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained
  • Rate of growth: average to fast
  • Flowering period: September to November
  • Hardiness: borderline hardy (may need winter protection)
  • Bulb size: 12/14

    Coming on strong at a time of the year when most plants are looking decidedly sorry for themselves, this bulbous perennial makes a wonderful addition to the mixed border. The flowers it produces are quite exotic-looking, a strong clear pink with a wavy edge to the petals. They top stout upright stems, which arise usually before, but sometimes with, the low tufts of strap-shaped foliage. Tolerant of low temperatures provided they are not too wet, they originate from South Africa so will be happiest in a freely draining soil where they can bake in full sun. They flower best when they are congested, so will work well in pots and containers.

  • Garden care: Plant shallowly outside with their neck just above the surface of the soil at 10-15cm intervals from April onwards. They are happiest in a dense clump, so once planted avoid disturbing the roots and only lift and divide them when they have outgrown their allotted space.

  • CAUTION do not eat ornamental bulbs

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Notes on Nerine bowdenii

"Plant nerine bulbs in April and they will flower in late-autumn. Garden forms are listed under the name Nerine bowdenii. These are South African, despite their common name of Guernsey Lily, and they need good light and warmth. "

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1st year, some leaves, no flowers


Hoping they will flower next year




Very pleased


Crocus provide a very good customer service. Their plants are of a high quality and the nerine I purchased flowered first season. 😊


South East


bit of a let down


not sure what went wrong, planted in accordance with instructions but have had nothing but leaves, healthy leaves but nothing else. Maybe next year?




None of the Nerines we planted grew. A disappointment.


Most unusually, none of the Nerines grew. We planted them in several different locations.




Nerines are Brilliant


Nerines are elegant and also late flowering during September and October. They stay in flower for some 14 days and more. AND they rather quickly double and triple up and every 3 or 4 years require separating. Voila - within a few years they are there throughout the garden or alternatively you share them with you friends.


The Cevennes, France; London


Nerine bulbs


Healthy bulbs growing well but yet to flower after a full season's growing. Hoping they'll bulk up and flower next year!


Watford, Herts


Excellent autumn colour for the patio


Tried to grow many times Unsuccessfully. The bulbs from you were first class. Bulbs bloomed just as your paperwork said. Excellent product


East Midlands



3.3 7


Can you grow Nerine bowdenii successfully in a pot? If so what is the best potting compost to use?


Hello, Yes, these bulbs tend to do very well in pots. Ideally the pots should be filled with a 50/50 mix of John Innes No. 2 and a good quality potting compost, and the bulbs placed so the top half is above soil level.


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