Magnolia Fairy Cream ('MicJur02') (PBR)

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Buy Magnolia Fairy Cream ('MicJur02') (PBR) fairy magnolia: Makes a fine stand-alone specimen

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: any moist but well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average to fast
  • Flowering period: March to May, then off and on until September
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Raised by the New Zealand breeder Mark Jury (who also brought us Magnolia Black Tulip), this wonderful magnolia produces an abundance of cream flowers along the length of its stems in spring. Unlike many of the other spring-flowering types, the foliage of this magnolia is mainly evergreen, although it may shed its leaves in colder winters. It makes a fine stand-alone specimen, especially in smaller gardens where its compact form will not dominate, while its naturally bushy habit makes it ideal for creating an informal screen. A stunning addition that is easy to care for, reasonably fast growing and will start to produce its lightly scented flowers on young plants.

  • Garden care: Plant in a sheltered spot, away from strong winds. Requires minimal pruning. Remove any broken, diseased or crossing branches in spring. Mulch in spring with manure or leafmould, especially on dry soils.

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Fab looking, can't wait until the summer to see it in all its glory




Looking after it and can't wait for flowers


Recently planted so not had the chance to see in full bloom yet but seems to be doing well.





5.0 2


Hi I planted my fairy Magnolia, last year, it was so beautiful. But looking at it today the leaves have turned brown. Is this because of the snow ? Frost damage ? Should I have covered it ?. There is only 1 flower bud on it .

Flower pot

Hello, Yes, it is likely that it has taken a turn for the worse after being hit by the snow, but it is worth keeping in mind that they do naturally shed their leaves if the temperatures drop. The only thing you can do now is give it time and it should bounce back.


How large would you suggest a pot ?


Hello, Ultimately it will need a pot around 75cm in diameter, however you can pot it up gradually.


I want to extend an informal hedge already in the garden. Could this be planted next to a viburnum?


Hello, There are lots of different types of viburnums, however provided you are planting it next to a viburnum that is not too vigorous, then you should not have any problems.


Could this shrub be grown in a large pot?

Nana Wendy

Hello, Yes, provided it is kept really well fed and watered and the pot is large enough, it will be fine.


How tall will this plant grow.? Can you mix it within an existing hedge , privet etc?

Outdoor girl

Hello, This plant has an eventual height of around 2.7m, but I would advise against mixing it in with an existing hedge.


I am looking for a small scented magnolia that can be grown in a large container, would this be ok or have you other suggestions please

Patio person

Hello, Yes, the Fairy Cream is said to have lightly scented flowers and it does do very well in large pots, provided it is kept well fed and watered.


How far apart should these be planted to establish a hedge and how long would it take to grow to 5-6 feet?


Hello, If you want to create an informal screen, then I would recommend planting these at 45 - 60cm intervals. The growth rate is harder to define though as this is largely determined by external factors such as the available water, light and nutrients. Also, as it is quite new, we only really have the breeders information to go on, but they describe it as an average to fast grower.


When is the best time to plant magnolia fairy cream?


Hello, These are fully hardy so can be planted at any time of the year, however the best times for planting are traditionally spring or autumn.


How should I prune the young plants if I want to create a hedge with them?


Hello there These plants come in 13cm pots, and are approx 10cm tall, so these young plants won't need much pruning for a time, but as they grow you can trim back any lanky stems in the spring to help them bush out. Hope this helps.

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