Hydrangea arborescens Strong Annabelle ('Abetwo') (PBR)

sevenbark ( syn. Incrediball or Strong Annabelle )

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Buy Hydrangea arborescens Strong Annabelle ('Abetwo') (PBR) sevenbark ( syn. Incrediball or Strong Annabelle ): A variety with sturdier branches

This shrub is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: moist, well-drained, moderately fertile, humus-rich soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: July to September
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    This hydrangea has tougher branches than many of the other arborescens types, which means that as they mature they will stand up better in more exposed positions and will rarely flop over when laden with flowers. The glorious bundles of white flowers will also get larger as the plant grows older, but even when they are still quite young, they will put on a dazzling and long-lasting display from mid summer.

  • Garden care: In hot weather, thoroughly soak the plant's roots when watering to prevent it drying out. Remove faded flowerheads in spring after the danger of frosts, cutting back the flowered stems to a strong pair of buds, and take out misplaced or diseased shoots. Once established, remove a quarter to a third of the shoots to the base of the plant. Cutting it back in this way will keep it compact and will also result in a branching, bushier shrub. Mulch young plants with a well-rotted manure or compost in spring.

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Beautiful blooms


This plant has done so well considering it is in first year. Masses of blooms. Have grown these over many years and am so impressed with this plant.

Outstanding plant

East Yorkshire


Great hydrangea with upright flower stems


Excellent plant for long interest in a part shade border. Easy to propagate too.


East Anglia


2nd Year and even better


Lovely huge flowers that are even better this year than last !




4 Hydrangea aborescens incrediball


Difficult first winter for the Hydrangeas to get established and concerned that they wouldn't survive. Healthy plants made it and produced loads of flowers - needed support. Pleased with purchase and deliver. Will continue to use Crocus for new plants.




Hydrangea lover


Young plant so first year achieved 6 flowers that are quite big but not completely a round ball. I suppose as this plant matures the flowers will be more plentiful and rounder like the picture




I love this variant. Such beautiful and abundant flowers.


Used as a boarder along a fence. Looks beautiful from spring to late summer.

Claire Bracken



Healthy on arrival but didn't survive winter


Bought two and planted in the autumn. Unfortunately they didn't survive the winter. Crocus gave me a full refund (on showing photographic evidence) which was much appreciated as they weren't cheap plants.




Wonderful plant - has grown strongly


Bought three in March 2021. By mid-July these have grown to about 60cm and each has 6-7 flower heads which are turning a brilliant white. The wet, cold Spring delayed their growth but we have been amazed at the progress they made as the summer progressed. Very strong growing specimens and they will form a lovely feature in the border. Our soil is damp clay in South-West England and they seem to suit this admirably.

Chris M



Very healthy beautiful plant


I had always wanted this plant but I live in cold rainy Lancashire 700 feet above sea level. If it survives here, it will survive anywhere. I thought I'd buy from Crocus because i knew I'd get a healthy plant and I did. It was planted in a reasonably sunny border with partial shading from a slatted fence. The first year was a bit disappointing and the few flowers that dared to show their face were a bit floppy and insipid. However, this year, it has flowered its socks off and really looks amazing. I was worried that the late frosts here would have stunted its growth but I needn't have worried. I am the least patient gardener but this beauty is worth the wait. I did put some Vitax Hydrangea Fertiliser around it this Spring so whether this has helped it along, i'm not sure but I love it.


Barnoldswick, Lancashire


Fantastic Hydrangea


Well grown plants supplied and these have flowered well in this their first year. Planted in a shady bed they bring light and elegance to the the area.





4.5 30


I've grown Hydrangea Annabelle in a pot for three years and repotted it last autumn. This spring I pruned it lightly and all seemed well as new leaves began to appear and grow. However in the last few weeks all these new leaves have begun to shrivel and die, leaving only one or two healthy stems. Do you have any suggestions as to what may be causing the problem please?


Sorry to hear this - why don't you send us some photos together with your order number to customerservices@crocus.co.uk - mention you posted here first and we'd be happy to take a look.


Hi My Hydranga Annabelle leaves are turning light green with the veins showing what should I do?


This is usually an indication of a lack of nutrients (and hydrangeas typically like quite rich soils), so I would make sure it does not get too dry, and feed it with a good general purpose fertiliser such as Vitax Q4.


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