courgette 'Defender'

courgette or Cucurbita pepo 'Defender' F1

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available to order from summer
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Buy courgette 'Defender' courgette or Cucurbita pepo 'Defender' F1: Producing a heavy crop over a long period

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, moisture retentive

    Among the most reliable of all courgettes, producing a very heavy crop of dark green, tender fruits over a long period. The plants are vigorous growers and exceptionally healthy, with good resistance to cucumber mosaic virus. They form big neat domes of attractive leaves smothered in large, bright yellow flowers all summer, making this a fine plant in ornamental borders too. The flowers are also edible: pick when just opened and dip in batter, then fry for a deliciously different appetiser.

  • Growing InstructionsSow two seeds to a 10cm pot in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. Pot on seedlings as they grow, keeping them well-watered and warm, then harden off and plant out in rich soil in a sunny, sheltered spot after all threat of frost has passed. Protect plants from slugs and water thoroughly in dry spells.

  • Sow: April to June

  • Harvest: July to September

  • Approximate quantity: 10 seeds

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All grew to 5'7. Allotmenteers were very impressed.


Brought on in greenhouse. Transferred to allotment April and had a huge crop.


Rochford, Essex.


Excellent variety


Really good yields and fairly compact. Second year I've grown there and heartily recommend



Every seed germinated and flourished


Had so many courgettes growing on each plant that I gave two plants away to neighbours.


Rural area of North West England



5.0 3


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