Convallaria majalis

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Buy Convallaria majalis lily-of-the-valley: Scented white bells in spring

This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in the summer, then fresh new growth will appear again in the spring.

  • Position: partial or full shade
  • Soil: leafy, fertile, humus-rich, moist soil
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Flowering period: May
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Ever popular, lily-of-the-valley is an excellent groundcover plant for moist, humus-rich areas of the garden, quickly spreading to form a fragrant carpet of pure white, bell-shaped flowers and long, dark green leaves. The plant flourishes in sun or partial shade, and the diminutive, bell-like flowers are traditionally an important part of spring wedding bouquets.

  • Garden care: Divide and replant congested colonies in September, applying a generous mulch of composted leaf mould around the base of the plant.

  • Humans/Pets: TOXIC if eaten

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Eventual height & spread

Eventual height and spread

Notes on Convallaria majalis

"Plant in terracotta pots and surround the clean dainty white heads of bells and the encircling broad-green leaves with moss - or let it wander in shade"

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I would buy this item again


These Lilly of the valley will spread each year and fill the garden with a beautiful heady scent

j the gardener



Would buy again


Planted in an area of shade. Hasn't spread much in the first year... but still growing!

Optimistic Sue



Doing well


Growing and flowering and spreading in shade.

Lily of the valley



Wonderful plants!


These wonderful healthy plants have settled in well and are multiplying beautifully. They are such an attractive addition to my garden and I'm delighted because previous attempts at growing them from other sources have failed.




A fragrant favourite!


Beautifully healthy, strong plants which started opening up within days of being planted. They were really well packaged and arrived very quickly. Loved them so much I bought some more!





4.8 5


I have several Lily of the valley plants in my garden, in a shady spot, but none has ever flowered. Can you suggest why this might be?


The most likely causes are either not enough water or shade that is too heavy and dark. Alternatively, it could be not enough potash, or too much nitrogen in the fertiliser you are using.


Hi, I'm looking to buy Lilly of the Valley as a gift, but how will it cope kept in a pot (indoors) for its lifetime? I know nothing about flowers and I would appreciate all the advice you can offer! I'm also curious to know how it is delivered/gift wrapped. Many thanks


Hello, I'm afraid the lily-of-the-valley will not be happy at all in the long term as an indoor plant, so although your friend could enjoy them inside for a week or so while they are in flower, they should be planted outside as soon as possible. I hope this helps,


Growing plants for a wedding Dear Crocus, I am a very happy customer ..... I love your site, plants and service. I learnt about you first from Arabella Lennox-Boyd. But now I am writing for some advice please. My sister is getting married in Oxfordshire on the last weekend of May. I would love to grow the flowers for the wedding. I have a big garden with empty beds and a green house at my disposal. Could you give me some advice on types of cut flowers that would be in bloom at the end of May? Some pointers as a place to start my research and buying would be fantastic. Thank you very much, Best wishes, Kate

Kate Olivia Higginbottom

Thank you so much Helen - amazing! I'll send you photos of the finished results. Best wishes and thanks again, Kate

Crocus Helpdesk

Hello Kate, It will be a little hit and miss as a lot will depend on the weather, but the following plants should be in flower around that time. Choisya ternata Osmanthus x burkwoodii Syringa Viburnum x carlcephalum Convallaria majalis Iris Paeonia Euphorbia palustris Aquilegia Ceanothus Skylark and if we have a hot start to the summer a couple of roses or some of the earlier lavenders may have started too. I hope this gives you lots of ideas. Helen Plant Doctor

Kate Olivia Higginbottom

A new spring border for a windy garden Hi I have just had a hedge taken down and have a new border. It is overshadowed by a large eucalyptus tree and is in dappled shade until the afternoon, then it is in full sun. I am on top of the Chiltern Hills at 500' elevation and it can be windy. I would like a spring flowering border. I was thinking Hellebores, Pulmonaria and Aquilegias. Any suggestions, please? Nicholas


Hello Nicholas, If the bed is very windy, then I would keep most things low so they don't get blown over. Therefore, along with the ones you have already selected, I would look at the following. Convallaria Epimedium Euphorbia amygdaloides Bergenia Anemone blanda I hope this gives you a few ideas. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

Pieris struggling and 'Lily of the Valley' dying back-why? Good Afternoon, I recently bought some 'Lily of the Valley' (Convallaria majalis) from Crocus and 3 x hardy annuals and 1 x evergreen bush which were a gift for a friend. They were planted 1 day after deleivery but now the leaves are turning yellow and brown, and the plants have started drooping. Any advice on what could be causing this would be very helpful - I wouldn't have been so worried if it was just the small annual, - but the evergreen shouldn't be doing this. Thank you for any help with this matter,

Teresa Farr

Hello There, The Convallarias will be dying back naturally at this time of the year, so I would not be concerned about them. As for the Pieris, these like acidic conditions, so I suspect that it may not be planted in the right soil. The best thing to do would be to pot it up immediately into a really large pot fill with ericaceous compost if your friends soil is not acidic. I hope this helps Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

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