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Bedding Plants

Bedding plants offer great value for money - and they put on a fabulous seasonal display. Pelargoniums, cosmos, ammi and highly scented sweet peas or nicotiana are all essentials, while geraniums, gazanias and marigolds will thrive in sun-drenched spots. For lightly shaded spots use begonias, petunias and violas to add colour.

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Petunia 'Fantasia Mixed'

Buy Petunia 'Fantasia Mixed': The flowers bounce back well after rain

Petunia 'Double Pirouette Mixed'

Buy Petunia 'Double Pirouette Mixed': Flowers look like frilly pompoms

Petunia 'Easy Wave Mixed'

Buy Petunia 'Easy Wave Mixed':

Hanging basket bedding plant collection

Buy Hanging basket bedding plant collection: Your baskets will be the envy of the neighbourhood

Cottage Garden Perennial collection

Buy Cottage Garden Perennial collection: Reliable and easy to grow

Antirrhinum 'Sonnet Mixed'

Buy Antirrhinum 'Sonnet Mixed':

Begonia 'Super Cascade Apricot Shades' mix

Buy Begonia 'Super Cascade Apricot Shades' mix:

Begonia 'Non-Stop Mixed'

Buy Begonia 'Non-Stop Mixed':

Impatiens 'DeZire Select Mixed'

Buy Impatiens 'DeZire Select Mixed':

Nigella hispanica

Buy Nigella hispanica:

Hesperis matronalis

Buy Hesperis matronalis :

Hesperis matronalis var albiflora

Buy Hesperis matronalis var albiflora :

Nigella papillosa 'Delft Blue'

Buy Nigella papillosa 'Delft Blue':

Geranium 'Summer Rain'

Buy Geranium 'Summer Rain': A sublime trailing mix

Geranium 'White' ( Pelargonium )

Buy Geranium 'White' ( Pelargonium ): Stand up well to rain

Petunia 'Reflection Mix' (Frenzy Reflection Mix)

Buy Petunia 'Reflection Mix' (Frenzy Reflection Mix): An upright mix for summer colour

Cosmos bipinnatus 'Rubenza'

Buy Cosmos bipinnatus 'Rubenza': Posh bedding for borders

Nicotiana alata

Buy Nicotiana alata : Masses of showy, five-petalled flowers

Begonia 'Illumination Mixed'

Buy Begonia 'Illumination Mixed': A multi-coloured display all summer long.

Cosmos 'Razzmatazz Series'

Buy Cosmos 'Razzmatazz Series': Masses of bright flowers all summer