artichoke 'Purple Globe'

purple globe artichoke or Cynara cardunculus (Scolymus Group) 'Romanesco'

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Buy artichoke 'Purple Globe' purple globe artichoke or Cynara cardunculus (Scolymus Group) 'Romanesco': Deep purple artichokes in summer

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture retentive soil

    A large and striking perennial vegetable with silvery-green deeply toothed leaves that's good-looking enough to grow in the ornamental garden. The deep purple flower buds are cut from summer onwards, with each plant producing up to 10 artichokes a season. The plant stays productive for many years given a free-drained soil and a sunny spot.

  • Growing Instructions: Sow from late February in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill in pots of freely-draining seed compost. Grow on young seedlings and plant out in early summer. Remove any chokes which form in the first year, and protect crowns with leaves or straw against frost in winter. Start harvesting artichokes in the second season. Add some grit to the planting hole to improve drainage if you have heavy soil.

  • Sow: February-April

  • Harvest: June - Sept

  • Approximate quantity: 40 seeds.

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I would buy it again.


All purchased seeds and plants from Crocus were or still are healthy and growing strong. Artichokes were planted from seeds and we had a first very modest crop this year. Judging by the rest of the plants- next year is going to be good:)





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