(Vica sepium)


This perennial spreads by seeds and creeping roots. It is found scrambling through plants and hedges. It’s mottled purple-blue flowers are produced from June to August. It is often grown as green manure by farmers as it has nodules on the roots containing Rhizobium bacteria which 'fix' nitrogen from the air.


Vetch is very difficult to eradicate as it scrambles through other plants and hedges. The main way to keep this weed under control is through constant vigilance - never allow the weed to flower or seed.

  • Remove weeds by hand as soon as you see them

  • Spray with a systemic weedkiller that is absorbed through the leaves of the plant, the active ingredient makes its way through the cells of the plant down to the root. It kills these first and then the foliage starts to die off

  • Stick bamboo canes into borders and it will twine around it and can then be easily sprayed