business (Soleirolia soleirolii)

This semi-evergreen perennial is an excellent groundcover plant when grown in the right place but can quickly get out of control. It is found mainly in moist soils and spreads rapidly using pink thread-like stems. The foliage is killed by frost, but it will regrow in the spring. Pink-tinged, white flowers are tiny and are produced throughout the summer. It is very difficult to remove from lawns.


The main way to keep this weed under control is through constant vigilance - never allow the weed to flower or seed.

  • Rake out the weeds as soon as you see them

  • Maintain a healthy lawn – scarifying, aerating, feeding and top-dressing in autumn will help, apply lawn sand in spring

  • Spray with a systemic weedkiller that is absorbed through the leaves of the plant, the active ingredient makes its way through the cells of the plant down to the root. It kills these first and then the foliage starts to die off. It may be necessary to kill off a patch of lawn and resow to eradicate this persistent weed