(Marchantia polymorpha)

Liverworts grow on the surface of the soil where drainage is poor. There are nearly 300 species found in Britain and they spread by spores. They have thick, dark green, flat leaves. Liverworts generally pose little threat to plants they just aren’t very attractive!


Try lightening your compost by mixing in some sharp sand or grit, or reduce watering. If it is a problem in containers then try watering your plants from below.

  • Use a hoe to break the surface of the soil and improve drainage by adding grit and organic matter

  • Mulching will help to eliminate light, which all green plants need to survive. There are several effective mulches that will act as a weed barrier; weed suppressing fabric, well-rotted manure or garden compost, bark, grass cuttings, gravel and even a thick layer of newspaper

  • Dabbing the liverwort with malt vinegar will kill it, and any spores in the area, however you should bear in mind that vinegar is acidic, so don't overdo it