The Weston Garden

We are overjoyed to be collaborating with Tom Stuart-Smith again at the Chelsea Flower Show after 8 years, building a garden in the centre of the marquee.

We’ve previously worked with Tom to build 8 gardens at Chelsea, winning 8 gold medals and 3 ‘best in show’. This year’s garden celebrates 60 years of the Garfield Weston Foundation. The Weston Garden is designed to evoke a romantic feel with enclosed areas and an intimate retreat at the centre. The design aims to create a balance between enclosure and openness, modernity and tradition. This will be realised through a rich diversity of texture and the use of topiary, but not as you will have traditionally seen it.

There are 4 different entrances, allowing views of different aspects of the garden which is full of texture and variety and structured with evergreens.

The main concepts behind the garden are recycling, reusing and repurposing - even the smallest item is recycled. Many of the plants have been to Chelsea before and will be borrowed for the duration of the show. Others will be specific to the show but are already planned for reuse afterwards.

The space in the pavilion enables us to use a number of extraordinary plants that have been centrepieces of previous Chelsea gardens which will lend an air of maturity to the garden. This ties in with the 60th anniversary celebrations and the history of the Garfield Weston Foundation.

It’s extremely unusual for a garden of this size and scale at the flower show to have full public access. This reflects the Garfield Weston Foundation’s open approach and the support they’ve given to charities across the UK to enable public access to this country’s treasures, whether wild and green spaces or art and architectural gems.