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Original multi-purpose soft-tie

Buy Original multi-purpose soft-tie: Tie up plants without damaging the stem

Deep rootrainers

£9.99 £7.99
20% off selected
Buy Deep rootrainers: Perfect for seeds, seedlings and plugs

Giant easy fleece tunnel

Buy Giant easy fleece tunnel: Our large fleece tunnels protect against frost, harsh weather and pests

Large net tunnel

Buy Large net tunnel: Ideal for summer crops and pest protection

Micromesh insect netting

Buy Micromesh insect netting: Superior protection from insects - no need for chemical insecticides.

Potato planter bags 3 pack

£10.99 £7.69
30% off selected
Buy Potato planter bags 3 pack: The Patio Planters are easy to use and reusable.

Winter fleece plant covers

Buy Winter fleece plant covers: High performance plant protection jackets.

Kitchen garden cloche

£39.99 £31.99
20% off selected
Buy Kitchen garden cloche: A sturdy, long-lasting and stylish growing cover.

Vegetable sack

Buy Vegetable sack: The best possible storage material for root vegetables.

Teepee 3 cane topper

Buy Teepee 3 cane topper: Make obelisks and teepees in a flash with this handy gadget.

Grower frame

£24.99 £19.99
20% off selected
Buy Grower frame: Easy to follow instructions on how to put it together.

Slim multi-purpose soft-tie

£3.99 £3.19
20% off selected
Buy Slim multi-purpose soft-tie: Tie is designed for use with the thinner, delicate stems of climbing annuals

Tunnel hoops

Buy Tunnel hoops: Great for the allotment and vegetable garden

Vegetable patio planters

Buy Vegetable patio planters: Easy to grow your own vegetables with these new vegetable patio planters.

Medium pop up garden bag

Buy Medium pop up garden bag: Handy freestanding bag made from high-quality polypropylene

Ground pegs

Buy Ground pegs: Perfect for securing garden fixtures

Fabric pegs

Buy Fabric pegs: Great for use in the garden

London eye plant frame

Buy London eye plant frame: Iconic plant frame for ornamental displays

Big ben bean frame

Buy Big ben bean frame: Iconic plant frame for ornamental displays

Fruit tree protector

Buy Fruit tree protector: Protect fruit crop from pests and extremes of weather