Winter fleece plant covers

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Buy Winter fleece plant covers: High performance plant protection jackets, which are made of heavy duty (35gsm) fleece in an attractive shade of green.<br><br>Suitable for hanging baskets and potted plants, as well as those planted out in the border. Available in three sizes.<br><br>Measurements:<br>Small - W60cm x H80cm<br>Medium - W80cm x H100cm<br>Large - W120cm x H180cm

High performance plant protection jackets, which are made of heavy duty (35gsm) fleece in an attractive shade of green.

Suitable for hanging baskets and potted plants, as well as those planted out in the border. Available in three sizes.

Small - W60cm x H80cm
Medium - W80cm x H100cm
Large - W120cm x H180cm

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Very useful plant protection, especially for pots


Easy to fit onto pots and can be secured down easily in rough weather.


Scottish Borders


Very convenient


These covers are so easy to use - I just put them over my plant pots if frost is expected. They can be left un and are not unattractive but it's also easy just to put on when required and take off afterwards. As a result of buying these, all my plants survived last winter.

Jo M



I would buy again


Have bought quite a few and easy to use and do the job


South East


Great range of sizes


Really great item Gives you confidence that your plants will survive the winter Great sizes , with the large being much bigger than originally thought So bags of room to put over larger plants and plants




Disappointed as they didn't last long


I wouldn't buy again as they didn't protect my plants very well from the frost and were quite flimsy, they tear easily.


South East


Great buy


Would highly recommend. The quality is extremely good. price excellent and love the colour. Easy to use, just pop over the plant, pull the cord and that is it. Plants snug for the winter.

Green Fingers



Just what I wanted


Just cover the plant, draw in the pull tie - voila - warm plants for the winter.




Esay to use and does the job


Bought these to protect my oleanders. Much better and far easier to use than the grow-bag greenhouse.




Winter plant covers


Great fir keeping happy plants through the winter !




Winter fleece plant covers

4.7 9


Dear Crocus, our small orange tree is dying. We have had it indoors where we have underfloor heating. We have just out it outside in a pot in a sheltered spot and covered it with fleece. Will it survive and dies the fleece need to cover the trunk and the soil?

Devon Rose

Hello there Unfortunately central heating is not good for orange or lemon trees as they prefer cool, but not cold conditions through the winter. I wouldn't put your orange tree outside straight from being indoors as the shock could kill it even with a fleece. If you have a cool light room where the temperature doesn't go below about 10-13°C that would be ideal.

I have a large Jade 'money' plant, will it survive outside in the winter if I use a fleece?


Hello there No it needs to indoors over the winter, it won't survive outside even with a frost fleece.

I have Aloe Vera plants, I usually bring them in but there are 9 pots now so wondered do i need to cover the whole pot or just the leaves as not sure if i need medium or large.


Hello there Sorry but we don't recommend that Aloe vera plants are left outside through the winter even if they are covered with a frost fleece.These tender plants really need to be brought indoors or into a heated greenhouse.

do i need to cover a young monkey puzzle in a pot


Hello, These are fully hardy so there is no need to offer them winter protection.


I have several beautiful silver spear plants in pots. After the weekend they still look good but am concerned that with too much frost they might not survive as I have lost some in the past. Should I protect with flax and if so, how long should they remain wrapped. If they are covered and you get heavy rainfall, would the wet flax damage the plants?


Hello there Astelias are lovely plants but they are not fully hardy so will need to be protected in cold weather. The frost fleece is ideal as the rain water will will pass through the fabric yet protect the plant. The rain is not going to damage the plant, but if we have snow then make sure you gently knock this off the plant otherwise it can break the leaves. You can keep your plants covered through cold spells safely. Hope this helps

I have started covering my patio tubs with fleece plant covers now the nights are frosty. Do I have to remove it every day when the temperature rises and cover them again early evening or can they be left on for the duration of the very cold weather.


Hello there I leave the fleece on my plants through cold spells, but if we have days when the temperature rises and it isn't not freezing, then I uncover them to get some air around the foliage and recover if more cold weather expected. Hope this helps

I have a green cordyline which I planted in the summer. It is growing well but I understand that it will need protection during the winter while young. It is in a small London garden. How should I wrap it and when?


Hello, Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules here, as mine have survived outside all year without any protection at all - even in snowy conditions, but I do avoid winter wet. As it is still relatively young though, it may be worth covering it up when the temperatures really start to drop, so you could keep an eye on the weather forecast and when it is turning nasty cover it with one of these....


Do I need to protect my Hydrangea in the first Winter after planting as it is not fully established and so will it cope with frosts in order to flower next year?


Hello, Most hydrangeas are fully hardy so won't need any protection at all in their first winter.


Do I need to protect my Hydrangeas from frost with this fleece jacket in case it dies?


Hello there Hydrangeas are fully hardy so shouldn't need any protection through the winter. Hope this helps.

Are these jackets suitable for use with tree ferns,if so can they safely be left outside in winter, or is it sensible to store them in the garage as they are in pots.


Hello there Yes these frost fleeces will protect your tree fern so you can leave it outside. The fleece covers are porous so will allow air circulation and water to penetrate. If you live in a particularly cold area or we have a cold winter you can also pack the crown with straw before wrapping it with strips of frost fleece, or over-winter it in an unheated greenhouse. Hope this helps.

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