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Strawberry thief garden tool bag

Buy Strawberry thief garden tool bag: Handy garden tool bag in a classic British print

Strawberry thief kneeler

Buy Strawberry thief kneeler: Stylish and comfy extra-thick foam kneeler

Strawberry thief watering can

Buy Strawberry thief watering can: Vintage patterned watering can for indoor and outdoor use

Strawberry thief gardeners gloves

Buy Strawberry thief gardeners gloves: Attractive and comfortable vintage print gloves

Strawberry thief wellington boots

£39.99 £31.99
20% off selected
Buy Strawberry thief wellington boots : Comfortable and stylish wellies with a William Morris print

Julie Dodsworth orangery rigger glove

Buy Julie Dodsworth orangery rigger glove: Heavy duty gloves to tackle tough jobs

Julie Dodsworth orangery gardener glove

Buy Julie Dodsworth orangery gardener glove: Soft, flexible gloves with hardwearing leather palms

Julie Dodsworth orangery garden bag

Buy Julie Dodsworth orangery garden bag: Cheery canvas bag for gardening essentials

Julie Dodsworth orangery tool belt

Buy Julie Dodsworth orangery tool belt: Adjustable belt to keep essentials close at hand

Julie Dodsworth orangery kneeler

Buy Julie Dodsworth orangery kneeler: Soft and supportive floral kneeler

Julie Dodsworth orangery clogs

Buy Julie Dodsworth orangery clogs: Sturdy and waterproof slip-on shoes

Ribbed nitrile gloves black

£4.49 £3.59
20% off selected
Buy Ribbed nitrile gloves black: Tough flexible gloves with a rugged wet and dry grip

Seed and weed gloves

£3.59 £2.87
20% off selected
Buy Seed and weed gloves: Ideal gloves for the most delicate jobs

Ultimate thermal gloves

Buy Ultimate thermal gloves:

Thermal rigger gloves

Buy Thermal rigger gloves: Heavy duty leather gloves for the toughest jobs

Junior digger gloves

Buy Junior digger gloves: Durable and flexible gloves for junior gardeners

Advanced cut resistant gloves

Buy Advanced cut resistant gloves: Outstanding protection for cutting jobs

Pond and drain gloves

Buy Pond and drain gloves: Long waterproof gloves for wet and dirty work

Green rubber clogs

£13.99 £11.19
20% off selected
Buy Green rubber clogs: Easy to slip on and off

Julie Dodsworth protective gardener glove

£13.99 £11.19
20% off selected
Buy Julie Dodsworth protective gardener glove :