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Vitax Q4 fertiliser
Vitax Q4 fertiliser

Vitax Q4 fertiliser

An outstanding general purpose fertiliser, supplied in easy to use pellets, Vitax Q4 contains all the plant foods and trace elements essential...

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After winter the rain-washed soil may be short of nutrients. You can add nutrients as well as improve the soil's structure by adding composted manure. Alternatively Vitax Q4 can be used to feed your roses, peonies and fruit. It's a sprinkle-on product that slowly releases food in a balanced ratio of NPK (5.3-7.5-10 + trace elements). This will produce good foliage, good roots and lots of flower power. It comes as a powder or in pelleted form. Val Bourne - Garden Writer

Preventing rose disease

Tidy up any fallen rose leaves now, especially if they look spotty because this is almost certainly a result of a fungal disease called black spot (Diplocarpon rosae). This debilitating disease leads to poor flowering and defoliation, but not all roses ar

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