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Clematis alpina

Buy Clematis alpina : Delightful mid-blue, bell-shaped flowers in April/May

Clematis 'Frances Rivis'

Buy Clematis 'Frances Rivis': Eye-catching twisted mid-blue flowers

Clematis 'Frankie'

Buy Clematis 'Frankie': Gorgeous blue flowers with cream stamens

Clematis 'Bees' Jubilee'

Buy Clematis 'Bees' Jubilee': Eye-catching pink striped flowers

Clematis 'Comtesse de Bouchaud'

Buy Clematis 'Comtesse de Bouchaud': Glorious large mauve-pink flowers

Clematis 'Doctor Ruppel '

Buy Clematis 'Doctor Ruppel ': Handsome deep-pink flowers

Clematis florida var. florida sieboldiana

Buy Clematis florida var. florida sieboldiana: Unusual flowers

Clematis 'Jackmanii'

Buy Clematis 'Jackmanii': Sumptuous dark purple flowers

Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba'

Buy Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba': Luxurious dark purple flowers

Clematis macropetala 'Lagoon'

Buy Clematis macropetala 'Lagoon': Luxuriant deep blue flowers

Clematis 'Miss Bateman'

Buy Clematis 'Miss Bateman': Wonderful white flowers

Clematis 'Elizabeth'

Buy Clematis 'Elizabeth': Delicate pale pink scented flowers

Clematis montana var. rubens 'Pink Perfection'

Buy Clematis montana var. rubens 'Pink Perfection': Sweetly scented, pink flowers

Clematis montana var. rubens 'Tetrarose'

Buy Clematis montana var. rubens 'Tetrarose': Fragrant, deep pink blooms

Clematis montana var. grandiflora

Buy Clematis montana var. grandiflora: Hundreds of dainty white flowers

Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

Buy Clematis 'Nelly Moser': Huge striped flowers

Clematis 'Niobe'

Buy Clematis 'Niobe': Sumptuous velvety magenta flowers

Clematis 'Perle d'Azur'

Buy Clematis 'Perle d'Azur': Stunning pale turquoise-blue flowers

Clematis tangutica

Buy Clematis tangutica : Unusual lantern-shaped yellow flowers

Clematis 'The President'

Buy Clematis 'The President': Outstanding large rich-purple flowers