raspberry Ruby Beauty ('NR7') (PBR)

patio raspberry Ruby Beauty

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Buy raspberry Ruby Beauty ('NR7') (PBR) patio raspberry Ruby Beauty: The world's first compact raspberry.

This plant is deciduous so it will lose all its leaves in autumn, then fresh new foliage appears again each spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Ruby Beauty is the world's first compact raspberry. This dwarfing raspberry plant is thornless and grows to just 1 metre tall producing 1.5kg of fruit from each plant. This multi branching plant requires little or no support and is therefore perfect for the patio and an exciting addition to your borders. It makes a unique edible hedge too! Large, delicious raspberries from summer onwards

  • Garden care:This is a floricane raspberry so will fruit on last year's stems in the summer. In the autumn, cut down this years fruiting canes to the ground leaving the other new canes for the following years crop. Feed during the growing season with a general purpose fertiliser and water regularly during the summer. You may need to protect the ripening fruit from being eaten by birds, but as this is a low growing variety netting is easy.

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What a little beauty!


I bought two of these plants two years ago. Was a little sceptical but nurtured it with feed all that summer. Last year in the heat (must water every day at least once) the yield of delicious raspberries was massive and the picking season lasted from April to August/September. Will be buying another this year in anticipation of another decent Summer. I have, up till 2 summers ago, planted canes but have moved to a smaller garden (due to old age). Sure this plant survived because was planted in March/April therefore had all summer to establish. I planted my plants in a large pot for the patio which mad it easy to net the second year.

the gnome



A great new addition


Looked great in a large pot this summer, healthy and bushy. Due to fruit the first time this summer. Can't wait!




I would buy again.


Wanted a raspberry suitable for growing in a pit, so just what I wanted.




Too hot this summer for fruit. No raspberries fruited well.


As I said above this is not the year to assess this plant.

I don't have one

New Forest


Waiting for fruit!


Bought 2 plants last year & they are in well nourished raised bed but had no fruit. Hoping they will thrive better this year, bit disappointed.





3.6 5


I bought 3 last year & planted them in the garden. They have what I can only describe as probably runners because all around the plants there is new growth popping up, is this right for this raspberry plant?


Yes, these are suckering plants, so you can either lift healthy suckers and re-plant them, or cut them off in summer.


Can newly bought plants be left out through the winter or is it best to buy these in the spring?


Hello there These are fully hardy so can be kept outside through the winter, but sorry we won't have any stock of these until the spring now.

Hiya, what size of pot would you recommend for planting these in a patio garden? Thanks!


Hello, Ideally you should opt for a pot that is around 50 x 50cm (or even larger if you can).


'Easy-peasy' raspberries

With a little bit of forward planning anyone could be picking fresh, vitamin-packed, flavoursome, fruit from their garden, which most importantly, are easy to grow. Look for plants with an AGM award, -these are plants that are chosen by a panel of expert

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